Challenge #50: The Final Challenge . . . | Click To Read More . . .

Hi I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to your next challenge . . . 


It's Challenge #50!  You made it.  You're here!  We are so proud of you for the effort you've put in to reach this point.  By completing The 50 Days of Success Challenge you have already begun to see changes in your life and made some major steps to making your dreams become reality.


It's time to take the Life Fulfillment Survey again and compare the results to when you started.  This time when you take the survey, really put your best effort into answering each question and only when you are finished, go back and compare how far you've come.


  Whether you've changed a little or changed a lot, you've learned more about yourself and know more about what it takes to get results.   You've also taken a lot of action and created momentum to carry you forward.


And remember that Amazing Celebration you planned back on day 1?  We'll it's time to enjoy that special celebration!  Make a big deal about it.  Celebrating our wins and accomplishments, big and small is a huge part of feeling good about ourselves and gives us energy and desire to tackle new challenges so we can celebrate even more!


We hope you've really enjoyed The 50 Days Of Success Challenge.  If it helped you please share it with everyone you know so they can get the gains you've experienced too. 


We also have a surprise final gift for you.   Because you stuck with it, because you have such made such a great start, because finishing this 50 Days says a lot about who you are, we'd love to talk with you in person.  That's right, because of your great effort, we'd like to talk with you personally about what your plans are for the future, and how we might be able to help.


If you click the link on this page you will be able to pick a time on our calendar for a one to one coaching call with us.  The call will be 45 minutes to an hour and we will work with you directly in person to make sure you have a solid plan going forward on how to accomplish your goals in Time, Money, Love and Freedom. 


During the call we will crystalize your vision for your future, lay out specific steps to take to make sure it happens and, if you desire, discuss how you can continue your journey with us and keep the momentum rolling.


If you decide to continue with us, you'll experience coaching on the highest level.  If you choose not to, you will at least leave the call with your specific vision and steps to ensure your future success.  Either way it has been an absolute pleasure getting to serve you during this challenge and we would love to visit with you so we can celebrate your success, too. 


So fill out your Life Fulfillment Survey and book your coaching call with us.  You are an amazing human being and we couldn't be more proud of you for completing the 50 Days of Success Challenge with us.


Where ever life's journey takes you, remember what you've learned and accomplished.  Hold your head high and ALWAYS remember we are cheering for your success and here when you need us.


God bless you and we hope to talk with you soon.