Challenge #46: Make The Smallest Possible . . . | Click To Read More . . .

Hi I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to your next challenge. . .


Are you ready for some fun?  Your challenge for today is to make the SMALLEST possible permanent change that you can make today and celebrate it as if it's your BIGGEST win.  Really make a huge deal out of it and then tell a complete stranger why you are celebrating!


Some examples might be, change out the kind of soap you use in the shower and never use the old kind again, or change your favorite team in a sport you really don't follow that much, decide you're never going to eat pickles on Tuesdays ever again.  Get the idea? 


Make it a small change, but make sure it's a real change for you and make sure its small enough you can make it permanent.


Now, tell a complete stranger why you are celebrating.  You might get some strange looks, but it helps if you introduce yourself first and explain WHY you are telling them this.  All you have to do is tell them why you are celebrating and notice their reaction and how telling them made you feel.


What's the point of this challenge?  Well if we can make the smallest possible change and make it permanent, it opens us up to the idea of changing things in our lives that are not so small.  This is a critical first step if you want more Time, Money, Love or Freedom in your life. 


Telling a stranger about it makes it real in the world and real to you without the risk of getting resistance from someone who is close to you.


Get ready for a tiny challenge with MASSIVE wins. 


So that's today's challenge, make the SMALLEST permanent change you can make and celebrate it as your BIGGEST.  Make a huge deal out of it then tell a complete stranger why you are celebrating.


Of course you'll want to put this in your Daily Success journal and be sure to note what the change was and how it made you feel.


Keep going, you're efforts are really starting to pay off.  See you tomorrow on the next challenge.