Challenge #41: Today's Challenge Is To Play . . . | Click To Read More . . .

Hi!  I'm Trina Gunzel and welcome to your next challenge!


Today, your challenge is to play a non-electronic game.  No matter how busy your schedule is, or how silly it sounds, I want you to play a no- electronic game today.


So, some examples might be playing cards, playing a dice game, playing jacks, tag, hide-and-go-seek, even making and throwing paper airplanes.  This doesn't have to be complicated and I promise, it will be fun.


You get bonus points today for including someone else and making them smile because you took time to be with them and just play.


This challenge is designed to help you lighten up, to help you realize sometimes we just make things too complicated, and to also get you away from screens and out and engaged with other people.  If you're doing this challenge by yourself, you might think of a childhood game you enjoyed and play that in a present moment.


I know for me, I used to have a blast as a kid cracking sandstone rocks to see their colors, making forts, climbing trees, making paper ball basketballs and shooting them into waste baskets and spent hours playing hide-and-go-seek and tag with my siblings and cousins.


With all of our everyday responsibilities and work, we can forget to take time to just play and have fun!


So, that's what this challenge is all about.  You're going to play a non-electronic game today.  No matter how busy your schedule is or how silly it sounds, play any non-electronic game for this challenge and for a bonus, have fun playing with someone else.


Have fun with this today!  You're doing great!  Keep going and we'll see you on the next challenge tomorrow!