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Hi!  I'm Trina Gunzel and welcome to your next challenge!


You're going to love today's challenge!  Okay, so you are going to make a new recipe OR order from somewhere today that will be good for you, not just make you feel good for the moment.  From doing this, I want you to note in your journal, did you discover you liked something new?  Was it really awful but you learned something from that, too?  What could you do to make the experience better?


Okay, so the reason I'm having you do this is that we can get stuck in the same habits for years without even realizing it.  Then, 10 years goes by and we find that we are only eating tacos on Tuesday, having pizza on Friday and our life has become a little bit boring and routine.  If you can add in some new things in the area of food to your life, you might see that you actually like something that is good for you, too.


For example, I never knew how much I loved Tai food until my parents took me out to a restaurant one day.  It was so fresh and the spices were so new to my mouth, it made me want to try other things I'd never experienced.  I've since added in sushi, Indian food, and Miso soup bowls.


Now, if you can expand your variety and pallet, maybe you will be more open to adding in new experiences into your marriage, your business, or your home that will freshen it up and make it fun and new again.


So remember, today's challenge is to make a new recipe or order from somewhere today that will be good for you, not just make you feel good for the moment.  You might want to use Pinterest for healthy recipes or find a new to you place in your area you get to try for a meal today.  Note what you learn from doing this in your success journal.  Have fun with this experiencing the power of new.


I look forward to seeing what you do with this challenge.  Please share your experiences in the Facebook group and  I look forward to seeing you on the next challenge.