Challenge #29: Think About Someone You Are . . . | Click To Read More . . .

Hi, I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to your next challenge...


Today your challenge is to think about someone you are afraid of losing in your life and do something positive to create and build a relationship with them. 


We can all think of someone who is important to us that maybe we haven't taken the time to reach out to in a while.  Well, today is your big chance.  Think of someone you would miss if they were gone and do something intentional to create and build your relationship.


You might call them, invite them to dinner, go to an activity together or just spend time visiting in person together.  Just so long as it is an intentional act to bring you closer together and build a memory together. 


It will feel great knowing you are doing your part to mend, build, or create a connection with them.


So let's get to it, today's challenge is to create and intentional connection with someone you are afraid of losing in your life.  You'll be spreading happiness and joy all over the world with this one.


Have fun with it and we'll see you right back here for your next challenge tomorrow.