Challenge #20: A Big Waste Of Time. . . | Click To Read More . . .

Hi!  I'm Jon Gunzel and this is your next challenge:


Today your challenge is - - - - - - - - sorry, just setting the scene, waste 20 minutes today. 


That's right, do absolutely nothing for 20 straight minutes today.  It's not an easy challenge, so don't take it lightly.  Just pick a spot and sit or stand there and burn off 20 straight minutes.


You might be thinking, ok, Jon's completely lost it on this one, and you might be right, but here me out and give it a shot anyway.  This challenge is all about awareness.  Awareness of how we use our time. 


I use to beat myself up a lot for all the time I "wasted" playing games, sleeping, doing things that weren't focused on making money or my main goal at the moment.  I spent a lot of time feeling bad about it, too. 


Turns out though, most of that time was just time that I wasn't being intentional about what I did.  It's not that it was necessarily a waste, it just wasn't time I was spending on purpose.


So this challenge lets us experience what it really is to waste time and you might find it's harder to waste than you think. 🙂


That's your challenge:  Waste 20 straight minutes today then notice what you learn and how you feel during the challenge and when you are done.


Remember to keep evidence of your success in your journal and we'll see you tomorrow with the next challenge.