Challenge #14: Create For Creation . . . | Click To Read More . . .

Hi!  I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to your next challenge!


Today's challenge is, create for the sake of creating today.  Now we aren't here to get into a debate over creation or evolution, we are talking about you creating something in your world.  You can draw, write, color, sculpt, or perform something for the PURE sake of creation, THEN, here's the catch, throw it away!


Here's why.  When we create for no purpose other than the joy of creating itself, we make different decisions than if we are trying to create to a certain end.  Our lives are full of requirements, evaluations, and critics, but this is a chance to create free of all these things. 


By throwing our creation away after it is complete, we learn to free ourselves from being tied down to the past.  This frees us to continue to create without limits and without worrying about filling up our lives with stuff.


This teaches that the value is in the doing and helps us be open to creating without limits.


Could you make an arguement this is wasteful, sure!  But done with intent as an excercise to remind us of our limitless power to create in our own worlds, it's more of a fantastic investment in our own future don't you think??


Ok.  That's your challenge today.  Create something for the sake of pure creation.  Then throw it away. 

Keep track in your Daily Success Journal how you felt when you were creating, when you threw it away and very importantly, any new feelings you may have had.


Way to go!  See you tomorrow with your next challenge!