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Hi, I'm Trina Gunzel and welcome to your next challenge!

Today your challenge is:  

Start a new section in your journal for your favorite quotes.  I want you to find a quote that inspires you and record it in your journal.

You're going to start of collection of quotes in this step of the challenge that you will be able to reference throughout your life, anytime you need them.

Some examples to draw from might be your scriptures, doing a Google search for positive quotes, looking through a favorite biography, a book of quotes, asking a friend, or finding some in magazines.

Through this challenge step, you are going to become more aware of the written material in your life that you have access to that you can reference for future support, encouragement, and inspiration.  I find quotes everywhere and keep them in my virtual notebook and on my vision board.

There are so many stories of great success examples to draw on throughout history.  Leaders who overcame tremendous challenges and struggles but who helped others and were true leaders:

Jesus Christ

Walt Disney

Sam Walton

Abraham Lincoln

Rosa Parks

Mother Teresa

Joan of Arc

Helen Keller

When love, service, and helping others are your foundation for building your life, you will be successful in your own way.

Have fun with this! 

Again today's challenge is:

Start a new section in your journal for your favorite quotes, find a quote that inspires you, then record it in your journal.

You are creating something amazing for yourself and building a solid foundation.  Your future starts today!

Rock out this step and we're excited to share with you tomorrow's new challenge!  See you soon!