Challenge #07: Take a Day Off today - BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE . . . | Click To Read More . . .

Hi, I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to your next challenge!

Today your challenge is:  

CONGRATULATIONS!   Take a Day Off today - BUT WAIT THERE'S a special way.  While there is not a specific challenge today, still record the success of not having any specific challenge to accomplish today and the completion of an amazing first week of the 50DC.  A rest day is a success too.

This might seem easier than it looks, but do you know most people really struggle with resting successfully?  If you can learn to master what I'm going to share with you, you're going to greatly improve the quality of your life.

Timothy Galloway shares that these are some of the most important things you want to include in your life in order to have success.  We go deeper into this in some of our other programs if you're interested in that later, but let me share them with you now:

The 4 R's you want to have in your daily life are:





The key idea here is to be intentional with how you are including these 4 R's.  We can be so busy with work, work, work and managing our daily responsibilities that we forget the WHY behind what we are really working for.

Here are some examples of how to include them:

You might take a few moments to just close your eyes during the day.

Spending some time outside or even listening to nature sounds might serve as a form or relaxation for you.

Read an inspirational quote or pray and then take some specific time to reflect and think about how to apply it to your life.

And throwing a football, fishing, playing an online game, drawing, or even throwing a paper airplane or crumpling up paper into indoor snowballs and aiming for the trashcan might serve as your recreation today.

If you find yourself feeling out of balance, remember to go back to these 4 R's and incorporate them into your life.   You might even write them on a notecard and post them where you can see them every day to help you out.

Okay, so that's the challenge today:

Take a Day Off  but be intentional with your rest, relaxation, reflection and recreation. 

You're doing awesome!   See you tomorrow for the next day of your challenge!