Challenge #03: Walk in a Brand New Way | Click To Read More . . .

Hi!  I'm Trina Gunzel and Welcome to your next challenge!

Today your challenge is:  Go for a walk in a completely new way today. 

Here's what I mean.  Instead of walking for exercise, or to get somewhere, today, we are going to walk  in a way that improves how we feel right now. 

So here's the technique: 

1st.  Select an area with a loop you can walk and begin walking.  Around the block is great, or around the park, or a pond.  Whatever you have will do, just make it big enough so you escape your normal living pattern for a while. 

2nd, as you walk, using only your eyes, I want you to look around and look for specific things in a specific pattern, a little like a treasure hunt.  Here's the pattern:

See something dark, see something bright, see something heavy, see something light, then see something far away.  May want to jot this down and carry it with you so you remember the pattern.

Finally, take this advice with you.  When you start walking, you'll feel better pretty quickly.  Then something interesting will happen.  You'll get tired.  DON’T STOP.  Keep walking through the tired and repeating this pattern and eventually you will find you feel even better than when you started.  Once you are bright and awake again, you've successfully completed the challenge.

So again, today's challenge:  Go for a walk in a brand new way today.

Keep up the amazing progress!  Keep track of your success and we'll see you back here for the next challenge tomorrow!