Challenge #02: Life Fulfillment Survey | Click To Read More . . .

Hi!  I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to your next challenge!

Today your challenge is to complete the 50 Days of Success Challenge - Life Fulfillment Survey.  We'll link to it directly below this video.

This is a great survey we've put together to give you a solid starting point to measure your progress as you continue on this journey.  A huge part of being and most importantly FEELING successful is to first measure where you are starting from.  If you don't know where you start, how will you know if you've made progress, right?

So, short video today, but you've got about 10-15 minutes of work to do to fill out this survey.  And if you're worried about security, good for you!  You shouldn't ever give out your data to anyone you don't trust.  We've secured your membership data with top level encrypted security so it will be safe with us, and we will keep track of it so you can compare it at the end of the challenge.  If you're still concerned, just read the questions and jot down the answers in your journal or a notebook instead.  Please make sure you put it in a safe place though as you'll need these results at the end of the challenge to see how far you've come.

That's it!  Click on the link below this video and go complete the survey right now and you will have successfully completed this challenge! 

Keep up the great work and continued success. See you tomorrow for the next challenge!