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Hi!  I'm Trina Gunzel and welcome to your next challenge!

Today your challenge is to make a reservation for something fun 50 days from today to celebrate the completion of your 50 Days of Success Challenge!

Ok here's what I mean.  We are going to plan our success as if it's already happened.  So here's the catch. You must CONTACT SOMEONE ELSE to make this reservation.  It can be at a restaurant, a tee time, a date with a friend, a hotel, but something where another person, out in the world is expecting you to show up.  Got it? 🙂

So that's your challenge for today, Make a reservation for something exciting 50 days from today to celebrate successfully completing the 50 Days of Success Challenge.

Be sure to create evidence of your success.  Mark the date of your celebration in your calendar and track your accomplishments in your journal.

Keep up the great work!

See you tomorrow for your next challenge! 


Now I know some of you are like me and really want to see what the next challenge is and want it unlocked today.  I get it, I really do.  But finishing the challenge isn't just about checking off boxes its about setting up a CONSISTENT DAILY PATTERN of success, so we are only unlocking 1 challenge each day.  That way, you have a new challenge to discover and a new success to record every day, creating a habit of success in your life.  That’s what we really want for you and why we built this challenge and why we give it away for free.  We want you to be successful and to stack up win after win every day for the rest of your life!

Just in case you can't stand it, though, you can have a one time, today only bonus challenge.  Your bonus challenge is, to go join our private Facebook group at The Official 50 Days of Success Challenge and let everyone know who you are and what you have planned to celebrate!  We'll put a link to the group below. 

See you tomorrow!