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Story Module

Lesson # 3.5 - The Cure For Diarrhea of the Mouth

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Lesson 3.5 - The Cure For Diarrhea of the Mouth | Click To Read More . . .

Hi, I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories To Success System.  In this lesson we'll learn how to custom tailor our story and keep our customer's attention without monopolizing the conversation. 


We'll also learn how to create multiple stories to match each situation our clients may face.  Get ready for some Imodium because it's time to cure that diarrhea of the mouth!


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If you look back at my story in Lesson #2 of this Story Module, you see it's the LONGEST video of the whole Stories to Success System.  It just goes on and on and on. . .  But you know what?  That story made me three thousand dollars within the first hour I shared it on my Facebook page and $73K total in the first week!  Now you know the real power of story!


But we can't exactly tell a story that long when we are at a networking event or a party or even just meet our ideal client on the street, can we.  People would get tired of listening to us and after about the 3rd time, we'd be sick of the story, too.  It just goes on and on like diarrhea of the mouth. right?


Time for the cure!  Instead, we need to create a 60 second version of our main story and 5 other 1 minute stories so that we can tailor it to each specific situation we are in. 


Here's how we do it. 


The first step is to print out your story and clearly identify the precise elements of Call, Pit, Search and Transformation. 


So if you reference back to my story, my list would be:


Call = Broken neck / End of Football Dream

Pit = Depression and sitting the bed with my Glock in my mouth

Search = chasing opportunities trying to fill the hole in my heart

Transformation = Realizing that hole was from a lost goal and not actually having a purpose no one could take away.


Step two is to write out these 4 elements in order on your computer. 


It would sound like this at first. 


Broke my neck . . .  Football Dream ended . . . Depression . . .Edge of bed with pistol in mouth . .


Chasing opportunities . . .  Hole in my heart. . .


Hole was from failed goal and no purpose. . . No one can take away a purpose . . .


Pretty rough right?  But now we have the elements, in order that we will build our 60 second stories from.


All we have to do to complete it is fill in the details.


So my one minute story for a networking event might sound like this:


I broke my neck playing football and it ended my dream of playing in the NFL.   I was so depressed I wound up sitting on the edge of my bed with my Glock pistol in my mouth. 


When I realized I couldn't pull the trigger, I started chasing opportunities hoping to fill the gaping hole in my heart.  After years of searching, I finally figured out what happened.  When broke my neck, I was unable to achieve a goal I'd set.  That left me with a huge hole in my life. 


Then I learned a goal is not a purpose.  A purpose can never be taken away and is more fulfilling than any goal could ever be. 


Finding my purpose filled in the empty hole and allows me to work every day feeling fulfilled and excited, even better than I could have imagined when I was chasing that original goal.


Today I spend my time living my purpose in this amazing lifestyle where my family and I are traveling the 50 states for 50 months and teaching our clients how to find their purpose and turn their skills and expertise into a lifestyle and time friendly business.


Do you see how all I really did was fill in the blanks?  This is why we have you write your whole story in Lesson 2 first.  Then it's easy to pull out the important details and make it longer or shorter by adding or subtracting parts of the main story. 


That's all there is to it. 


But only having one story is like having a one size fits all T-shirt.  I don't know about you, but I'm 6'4" and 350 lbs and one size fits all does NOT fit me and it won't work for our clients either.


So we need to have 3-5 different stories at the ready so we can use the story that fits the client's need at the time.  It's not as much work as it sounds but it does take work. 


You see when I prepare for one of our 4 day live events for our elite coaching year long program, it only takes me an hour or so to prepare to talk for all 4 days.  I have lots of time to tell stories and answer our clients questions there.  They really get the opportunity to see how I think and make decisions.


But it takes quite a bit longer, maybe an hour or more for me to write and dial in my 60 second stories.  They have to be jam packed with only the specific information that makes them ring true to my ideal clients.  It takes more thought and work, but in reality, its where all the action is and its the most important step in being able to get my clients the help they need.


Now that you know the structure of your main story and how to create it, we're going to create 60 second stories that serve specific purposes.  We need a story for each of the following situations:


  1. A time when I didn't have the Time but found a way to get what I wanted most.
  2. A time I didn't have the Money but made it work anyway.
  3. A time I really should have talked to my wife before I made a purchase, but instead decided to make the right decision on my own.
  4. A time I felt like I just couldn't take another loss in my life but gave it another shot and got a win instead.
  5. A time I went against what everyone else was telling me and trusted myself instead.


You can hear my versions of the 5 stories at our live events if you're interested.  I'll let you develop your own versions here.


When you have your main story and these 5 stories at the ready, there is almost no situation you can't handle with a client.  We've all been through each of these situations at some time in our lives and relating your experience to your client will put them at ease and help them to believe in themselves, too.


These stories will be especially important in the Enrollment Module as we use them to diffuse our clients objections and help them take action they couldn't take on their own.


So, your action steps for this lesson are:


#1  Download and complete the Story Element Discovery worksheet


#2  Download and complete the 60 Second Story Framework and build your own 60 second story from the parts of your main story.


#3  Download and complete all 5 - 60 second stories from the 5 Success Stories Worksheet.


#4 Put all 6 versions of your 60 second stories on a new page in Microsoft OneNote.  Keeping them handy and reviewing them often will help you have them ready and at the top of your mind when the time comes.


In the next lesson, we are going to learn how to turn our stories into the ultimate icebreaker tools and convert strangers into new friends into hot leads in 2 minutes or less. 


You're going to love how this all comes together.


Have FUN writing your amazing stories and keep up the amazing success!  We'll see you in the next lesson. 

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