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Story Module

Lesson # 3.3 - Vulnerability Is KEY

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Lesson 3.3 - Vulnerability Is KEY | Click To Read More . . .

Hi, I'm Trina Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories To Success System.


In this lesson we are going to teach you how digging deep and sharing your struggles is the key to connecting with your clients on a deep emotional level that delivers credibility.  This will be your opportunity to see how vulnerability gives you a relatable quality in this world that makes you more accessible to people and gets them to join you.  So, let's get real and get started.


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We all have stories and life experiences that are uniquely ours.  These make us relatable to others and they also distinguish us from the masses of people in the world.  Everyone has been through challenges and, people also love an underdog that eventually wins. 


These stories give people courage, connection, and allow them to say, "Hey, I've been where you're at.  That happened to me, too!"


When you share your stories and successes, people identify with you, and want you to help them, like you've proven you've helped yourself.  This credibility is invaluable so you're going to start a collection of them in the Making My Mess My Message Exercise.


First, you're going to Write Messages in a center circle on your paper.  Then, you're going to web out all the possible "messes" in your life that are actually your life experience stories you can draw from and pull a message from.


Let me give you some examples.


A few stories on my web might be titled:


My son is Diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and The Miscarriage That Almost Killed Me.


The messages from those two messy situation stories in my life are:


Overcoming Anything Life Throws My Way and Trust Your Instincts.


These personal story titles and messages can serve as a reminder for me to pull up these stories to inspire someone who would benefit from my experience and also for me to organize my mess into something I can use as a resource, depending on how I want to design my programs and products.


When I meet someone and they ask me why I'm homeschooling my children, I share with them that when our son was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at age 4, we tried having him in public school until 2nd grade, but that he was sick at least 3 days a week and I was having to home school him anyway. 


He's so much healthier since we've been homeschooling and we love teaching our children around the world through travel and experiences.  They immediately nod and are in agreement because it makes sense.  They can relate to being sick at some point in their life, too. 


Even if they aren't sure about Type 1 Diabetes or homeschooling, they see the benefits of travel and learning around the world and want to know more about our business and lifestyle.


We have credibility and validity through our story, and our life is interesting so they want to know more.  We also have an immediate connection if they have children, know someone with Type 1 Diabetes, or love to travel.  See how this works? 


And it's real and VULNERABLE and that's the key.  I don't have to make up or memorize anything because I am drawing from my REAL life experiences.


Another massive benefit to being open with all your stories is no one can ever claim you were trying to keep it a secret.  You heard in Jon's story that he had a pornography problem.  At first that was hard for either of us to admit to. 


Over time though, we realized that by coming clean in the beginning, we never had to worry about somebody "discovering" our secret.  Instead we confronted the mistake head on and share with others how we solved the problem.  Win - Win, Right?


As people get to know you better through sharing your life, stories, and you start to organize and incorporate them in meaningful ways, you'll see that vulnerability is essential to growing your community and people will be listening to your stories because you are adding value to their life, not sharing just to talk.


So your action steps for this lesson are:


  1. Complete the Making My Mess My Message Exercise


  1. Practice sharing one of your stories in person with someone, in a Facebook Live, or writing one up and posting it in your Facebook group.  Note the responses you receive and make any adjustments you need to your story as the situation requires.


In the next lesson we are going to help you understand why you're telling your story and who it's really for.  You're going to get focused on who you are really trying to help and learn how to talk the talk so THEY can walk the walk, with you as their guide.  You're going to love how this all comes together to help your ideal clients.


So that's it for this lesson.


You are doing awesome!  Keep up the great work and I'll see you in the next lesson.

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