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Story Module

Lesson # 3.1 - Your GREATEST Gift.

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Lesson # 3.1 - Your GREATEST Gift | Click To Read More . . .

Hi, I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories To Success System!  At this point, you should be well on your way to creating a big list of ideal clients that are perfect fits for you and your purpose. 


In this module we are going to learn how to connect your amazing new friends to your business with the power of story.  Done well, a great story will improve your relationship, build trust and credibility and leave your ideal client wanting more of you!  So let's start building those bridges with the power of STORY.


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I'll never forget my first networking event.  I had signed up for a 3 day conference designed to bring together entrepreneurs in a fun, party-like environment that was supposed to help me build my business relationships.  There was only one problem.  I was petrified.


I walked in the front door to see hundreds of people gathered in a giant conference room.  They were all in little groups of 2-3 people and I was alone.  I quickly found an empty chair away from most of the crowd and sat there wondering what the heck I got myself into. 


Here I was in a room full of people who should be a perfect fit for my ideal clients and I felt like I had no way to connect to any of them.  I've never been a big subscriber to "networking techniques" and to be honest, at that point I was pretty introverted. 


Suddenly, while I was staring off into the distance and contemplating making an escape, another person sat down beside me.  He introduced himself and asked, "What's your story?"


I was jolted into action.  Before I knew it, I was describing the journey I had been on that led to me becoming a Professional Photographer. 


It wasn’t pretty, or short, but I shared my ups and downs and my wins and losses with him.  I got lost in telling my story and pretty soon, forgot my anxiety about being in that room. 


Before I knew it, over 20 people joined our little group, and when I finally ran out of things to say, they all started asking questions about me, my family, and our business.  I had made 20 new amazing friends, quite by accident. 


Unfortunately, at that point, I had NO IDEA what I was doing.   I told my story in a run-on, long winded, feel sorry for me manner that had no point and no end. 


It was like I had diarrhea of the mouth.  I couldn't stop, it just kept going and going with no real destination.  So even though I attracted these people to me, they ended up walking away and I didn't make a single long term relationship or a single dollar.


At that point, I realized there had to be much more to telling a story than just the replaying of my history over and over again. Where I had been terrified, my story gave me something to focus on.  It gave me a way to connect to my new friends and the excitement and vulnerability with which I told it, attracted my ideal clients from all over the room.  


I knew I needed to learn a few things to turn the attraction power of my story into a bridge that got people to take action with me.


#1  I needed a structure or a framework to tell my story in.  Not just point A to Point B, but an intentional journey that grabbed my new friend's attention and took them on a ride with a specific destination in mind.


#2  I needed a way to use my pain, and struggles, not to make them feel sorry for me, but to allow them to connect with their own pain and struggles and start to look for a way out.


#3  I HAD to cure that diarrhea of the mouth!  There had to be some way for me to shut up enough where they could actually participate in the conversation, too.


And #4 I needed to connect on a deep level with my new friends and give them a specific way to take action with me to help them solve their problems.


Talk about a lot to figure out.  I had to study story telling technique, movie making, transformation work as a communications specialist and even become a master in hypnosis to learn how to speak in a way people could receive it. 


Finally, I began to tell stories that took people on a rollercoaster of emotion, connected on a deep level and got them to take action to get more information out of me.  I had solved the story framework and fine-tuned it to get results fast. 


And the BIG KEY to it all?  Realizing that the events that I had been through in my life, both good and bad were the greatest gift I had ever been given.  That my adventures, my faults and failings were the ingredients to building trust and credibility with my clients. 


Ultimately, our lives happen FOR us instead of TO us.


This is what we want to help you discover in the coming lessons.  It's time to dig up the past, uncover the gold of the experiences of your life and fashion them into useful, attractive stories, your clients can't get enough of. 


In the rest of this module, we will teach you the Success Story Formula.  We will help you see the vulnerability and value in your own experiences.  We'll teach you to position yourself as the perfect guide to help your client solve THEIR biggest problems, and we'll even stop that pesky diarrhea of the mouth.


Your action steps for this lesson are deep so take a big breath.


#1  Spend some time thinking about the experiences in your life.   Make a list of good things that have happened to you and bad things that have happened to you.


#2  Look over that list and figure out how each of those things happened FOR you instead of TO you.  This is where you get to dig up your first gold.  (If you struggle here at all, don't panic.  We'll cover this in depth in the lesson on Vulnerability)


#3  Make a decision with yourself that NOTHING will be off limits from here on out.  No matter what you will use whichever gift you have been given to help your new clients take action in their life and turn their own struggles into successes because of the bravery you show now.


If you can't already tell, The Stories Module is where you tap into all the power of your life and transfer that power to your clients so they can get amazing results through you.  I'm so excited to hear your great stories and transformations as you progress through this module. 


Remember, a lot of this work we are doing is not only about the client, but also about helping YOU step into your greatness and power.  This is your chance to bring resolution, closure, forgiveness and healing to your own wounds, too. 


Embrace the opportunity and please remember to ask for help in the Facebook group and on the live group calls.  That's what they are there for.


Alright!  Time to get to work and in the next lesson we will dive into the Success Story Formula and plot out the road map that you'll use to turn your story into magic!


Keep doing the great work!  You are breaking new ground every day and the only way to win is to keep going until you get there!  See you in the next lesson.

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