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Scaling To Success Module

Lesson # 7.3 - I AM Made for MORE

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Lesson # 7.3 - I AM Made for MORE | Click To Read More . . .

Hi, I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories To Success System.  We've been on quite a journey together so far.  Now that you know exactly what it takes to grow your business and get results on purpose that most people would call lucky, it's time to put the final component in place.  It's time to really discover what you're made for. 


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I'm 5 years old, sitting on the living room floor playing with my G.I. Joe guys.  I'm not a grunt, I'm a general, leading my troops on secret missions to root out the bad guys and bring safety to those that were in trouble. 


Nothing feels better than being the leader.  I know I am made to lead.  Made to rise up and help my fellow men and women do something amazing.  Help change the world.


30 years later, I'm on my hands and knees in the kitchen.  I scream at God.  "What do you want from me?"  "I've given my entire life to you and the thanks I get is both of my parents dead at 60, my son struggling with a life threatening disease, and all my dreams destroyed?"  "What do you expect of me?"


"Haven't I suffered enough?" 


Silence.  That's the answer I get?  Silence?  Are you kidding me?  You mean this just goes on and on and there is nothing you can say to me? 


I give up.  I quit.  No more.  No more. 




I can't quit.  I tried that when my police career ended.  Deep down I know that isn't for me. 


So if I can't quit, then what?   I'm tired of trying to live life like everyone else.  Sick of doing everything I'm SUPPOSED to do and still not doing what I want to do! 


Wait . . . What DO I want to do? 


And all of the sudden, I'm 5 years old again.   Except instead of leading my troops, I'm leading people like me, artists, officers, fathers, mothers, people who are trapped in everyday lives and yet know they are made for something special.  Made for something MORE. 


And instead of leading them into battle, I'm teaching them how to become the leaders they were meant to be.  How to build their own tribes and become leaders of their own communities of passionate FREE people who really make a difference. 


Now THAT feels good.  I want to live THAT life. 


But I have no idea how to get there.  It's just a dream.  No one actually does that. 


I know I have a bigger role to play, but how?  I've tried everything.  Haven't I?


My grandpa built a 7 figure, 5 star restaurant, but he died when I was only 8 years old.  He could have taught me.  Maybe it just isn't meant to be. 


My mom had her master's in education and was the leader of every group she was ever a part of.  But she thought anything good in life should always be free and never made a penny.  That wouldn't help even if she was still alive. 


My dad worked for the U.S. Forest Service in a government job that sucked out his soul.  Even though, deep down, he knew he knew that job was killing him, he did his best to convince ME a "safe" government job was the way to go.  No way I'm living that life.


The problem is, I don't have anyone in my life that can teach me how to BE MORE.


It is almost like I'm TRAPPED!  Trapped in the same web as those I want to lead.  Every time I start to get a little ahead, the world pulls me back down.  But I KNOW I'm Made for MORE than this!


I guess I'll just have to do it on my own then.  My life is a disaster anyway, I might as well go out doing the things I want to do. 


Years go by.  One day, I'm sitting at my computer and an ad from Coach Ted scrolls across my screen.  Do you want to be a Super Star Speaker?   A speaker?  Yeah, speakers lead, sure!  I'm in.  I buy the $47 program and I'm hit with an upsell. 


Oh Man.  What is this.  Just another scam to get my money.  But for some reason, I watch the video anyway.  The ease with which he talked.  The way he makes me see his vision.  This guy knows something I don't.  I drag Trina into the room and we watch the video again. 


It's a $2,000 coaching program.  Ugh.  We don't have the money for that.  But we can't afford NOT to buy it either.  I'm at the end of my rope and if I don't do something, all there is left to do is fall off.


So we dig deep and scrape together the money for the program.  "I'm in deep now, I better make this pay off!"  I watch almost 100 hours of videos.  I put together my first product and amazingly enough I get BUYERS!  Finally, I'm a leader!  I'm actually helping change a few lives! 


Then I get an email from Coach Ted.  I've been invited to his live event!  What better chance for me to get the questions I have answered and learn from the best. 


But it's only a week from now. And it's 1,700 miles away in California.  We decide to cancel our plans and drive the 1,700 miles.  If I'm going to be successful at this, I know I need to meet Ted in person. 


A week later, we're sitting in the VIP section of the audience.  (I paid the extra because I want to be right up front where he will answer MY questions in person.  No way I was just going to sit in the back.)


Sure enough, Ted pours into me.  Finally I have the answers I need and I start to see it all come together.  Then he hits me with the next step.  A look at the future of my business.  I realize, I'm only at the beginning and there is a LONG way to go to get to my dream of leading those who lead others. 


And then the offer hits.  A chance to work with him, one on one and in small groups.  Face to face time!  Finally!  With his help, I know I can do it. 


But what's the cost!  Come on Ted, just give me a chance!  Then he drops the bomb.  The $45,000 bomb.  I slump down in my seat.  That's just a pipe dream, I guess it's not meant for me after all.


Then, as Ted's voice fades into the background, I start to think.  "I know this is my purpose."  "I know I am meant to do something special, something BIG."  "I KNOW I AM MADE FOR MORE!"  


I jump out of my seat!  TED!  I'm IN!  Sign me up! 


What am I DOING?  I don't have money for that.  I didn't even ask Trina who is sitting stunned beside me.  I turn to her and say,


"I don't know what came over me, but I KNOW this is this program, this coach is different.  He thinks like I want to think.  He knows what I want to know.  AND HE actually wants to help ME.  There just aren't very many people who can help me and there are even fewer who are actually willing to do it at ANY price.  This is MY chance.  My Moment!


So I'm talking with Trina while we're on a break.  (We're only half way through the 3 day event)

Look, this is my chance to finally turn the corner.  To finally step into all the potential you've always seen in me.  This is my chance to become a leader of leaders.  To play a bigger game, to fill a higher roll to serve a bigger purpose. 


She knows how hard I've tried and that she can't give me the help I need.  But she knows this is the path for us, too.


BUT THE MONEY!  How do we pay THE MONEY!


I've seen people raise a lot of money on GoFundMe, maybe I can do that. But I've tried that before.  I built out a beautiful website when my son was diagnosed with Diabetes, told our story and asked my friends and family to donate.  CRICKETS!  Not exactly the windfall was hoping for.


What can I do, I could try to get a loan from the finance company, but I don't want to waste time putting it in their hands.  "I want to be in control of this!" "How can I solve this problem."


We know what we have to do.  The boat.  We'll sell the boat! UGH.  What a punch in the gut.  I had worked my whole life to buy that boat.  My kids grew up fishing on it and we still spent every free moment we had on it.  It's something our family loves and it's good for us to spend time together!  How can I give that up.


Not to mention, even selling the boat, it would still take all the cash and credit we could spare to get this deal done.  The kids would have to miss out on dance lessons, piano lessons, and we might even have to cancel the family vacation this year.  "There's just no way."  "There's no way!"


NO WAY!  I'm not letting anything get in the way of my purpose!  The reason I'm stuck here, out of money, crying about not being able to give my family what they want is because I've always felt there is NO WAY! 


Instead I'm going to MAKE A WAY!  I know I AM MADE FOR MORE and I'm going to MAKE a way to win and my coach is going to help me do it!


We made the tough decision that day.  We went all in, put it all at risk.  But I felt SO GOOD!  I was finally taking charge of my life.  Doing things my way!


I paid in full for that course and because of it, I finally broke free!  Free of the trap, free of my past and free of the doubt. 


Today we live this amazing life where we train the most amazing clients in the world.  We help them find their purpose, build their businesses and we do it all while spending MORE time as a family doing the things we really love. 


And it gets better!  The best of the best of our clients.  Clients like you who complete the Stories To Success System.  Clients who know THEY are MADE FOR MORE.  Those are the clients we change the world with.


Those are the clients who really win big. 


We want you to win big, too!  So if you're inspired.  If you dream big and take action even bigger.  If you know you are MADE FOR MORE!


I want to talk with you.  That's right me, Jon Gunzel and you.  On the phone, one on one.  I want to see your vision, I want to hear your passion and I want to help you make it all into reality.


For clients to get this kind of one on one time with me usually costs over $200,000.  But because you completed the Stories To Success System, I know you are the kind of person worth investing in. 


So this is my investment in you.  Down below, you'll see a special link.  When you click on this link you'll go straight to my personal calendar.  No tricks, no passing you off to other coaches.  Just you and me One on One for the most powerful conversation of your life.


Let's have a conversation about what's next.  Let's take a look at the future TOGETHER.  Let's map out how you can become a leader of leaders.  Sure, it will take hard work, sure it will take some sacrifice, but mostly it takes determination to WIN!


Because I know I am made for more;  I   MADE    MORE!      MORE of an impact, MORE of a change, and a whole lot MORE money, too.


So if you know YOU are MADE FOR MORE and your serious about building your business to 7 figures and beyond in the shortest time possible, click the link below, schedule a call with me and let's build this thing together! 


So your action step for this lesson IS: 


Go click that button now and schedule your call.


Just in case you're on the fence.  Maybe you're worried about the time, the money or maybe you're even doubting yourself.


I'm going to do you a favor.  Are you ready?  Here it is:


This is your ONLY CHANCE.  That's right, right here right now.  Your one and only chance to get on this call with me.  Well, there is another chance, but that one will cost you a minimum of $200,000. 


How is that a favor you ask?  It's a favor because letting you sit there in indecision, not taking action, falling prey to your own objections would be irresponsible with all that you know now.  The only thing stopping you is your own fear.  So I'm going to give you this one chance.  Click the button below and schedule the call. 


Break through your own objections.  You know as well as I do that's all they are.  Your own fears and failures coming up to make sure you lose again.  To win, you have to do it differently than you've ever done it before.  You need guidance from someone you know and trust.  You need a community of powerful individuals who shake off the dust of society and lead by example!


You are MADE FOR THIS!  You are MADE FOR MORE!  Click the button, get on the phone and get past your fears for once and for all so you can fully live into your purpose and MAKE MORE of your own!


Talk to you soon.


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click the link below, schedule a call with me and let's build this thing together!

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