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Scaling To Success Module

Lesson # 7.2 - Scaling To Success

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Lesson # 7.2 - Scaling To Success | Click To Read More . . .

Hi, I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to the NEXT bonus lesson in the Stories To Success System.  You've just earned a backstage pass to the most powerful business scaling system on the planet.  If you've ever had dreams of reaching your full potential and finally LIVING into the person you always knew you could be, hold on tight, we're about to show you how to scale to success!


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I always figured it was just luck or destiny that made people successful.  The more I learned though, I started finding the clues that success always leaves behind.  Turns out, there is absolutely ZERO luck involved in creating long-term, lasting success. 


Of course there are some people who "get lucky" and have fleeting moments of success like lottery winners or who get lucky launching the next Christmas toy sensation, but those people almost always end up broke and depressed because they have no idea how to make "LUCK' happen again. 


I never wanted to rely on luck.  It's always better to be good than lucky because if you're good at what you do, you can create success again and again.  Except I never settle for good, either.  Remember my purpose is Coaching Personal EXCELLENCE through outdoor experience and EXCELLENCE is exactly what scaling a business is all about!


So let's get into my FAVORITE thing to coach in the whole world.  Helping business owners scale their businesses to 7 figures and beyond.  This is the information you need to be able to create success in your business On-Demand!


There are 6 clear steps that are MANDATORY for scaling a business to 7 figures.  Those steps are:


Live Event Logistics and Strategies, Selling From The Stage, Automatic Ideal Client Acquisition, Online Marketing and Paid Advertising, Automating Communication and Sales, and finally, Online Course Creation and Delivery.


So let's take a quick look at each of these steps:


Whether you've always dreamed of speaking on stage, or you would rather get a root canal, there's no denying that live events create massive credibility and connection with our clients.  Live Events also happen to be the FASTEST way to enroll high paying clients and make large quantities of cash FAST


.  In our Live Event Logistics and Strategies

Training we cover how to Plan Live Events your clients will LOVE, how to fill the room with the RIGHT people, Successful Seminar Structure,  and how to Capturing Energy With Testimonials.


Of course the whole idea of hosting a Live Event is to serve your clients at the highest level.  In our Selling From The Stage Training, we will learn how to making HIGH ticket offers that feel more like opportunities.  We'll also learn how and why to make Free Offers from other people stages to capture attention and convert their attendees into OUR clients. Finally, we'll show you the hidden strategy we use to conquer stage fright once and for all. 


Wouldn't it be nice to only get on the phone with pre-qualified Ideal Clients?  No more pouring effort into people to find out they didn't really match up.  Our Ideal Client Acquisition Training reveals the exact techniques we use to discover our perfect clients using a gradient approach that has them qualifying themselves for us.  We'll show you how simple adjustments to our sales funnels results in better clients and less work finding them.


And whether you know what a funnel is or not, our Online Marketing and Paid Advertising Training is the ultimate way to get clients automatically while you sleep.  We learned a long time ago that if we could pay to acquire a client, we could stop always chasing down the next one and more time doing the things we love. With in-depth training on winning ad strategies, paid ads on social media and a high converting sales funnels this truly is the solution to getting clients and another stream of income on automatic pilot. 


Since we are getting clients on automatic pilot, let's automate everything we possibly can.  The more times we can clone ourselves with automation, the more we can focus on those things we love.  In our Automating Communications and Sales Training we go deep into Autoresponders for email, online sales, and affiliate marketing that works.  You've already built an amazing business, this is the key to working ON your business instead of being trapped IN your business.


Finally, in our Online Course Creation Training, we'll see how create online courses clients love to consume from the comfort of their own homes.  This truly is the way we have massive impact and change lives while we're off fishing at the lake.  In this training we cover the software, hardware, and curriculum strategies that make successful online courses that work while we play.


Mastering the strategies in these 6 steps means you never have to rely on luck again.  But there's one more element that MUST be in place for a business to grow into a phenomenal success. 


That element is YOU. 


And in the next lesson, we're going to share the ONE step you must take to finally live into your full potential and deliver ALL your skills and talents into the world.


Your action steps for this lesson are simple:


#1 Take out a sheet of paper and allow yourself to dream.  How big will your business grow?  How many people will throw their arms around you for changing their lives?  How good will it feel to finally step into all the talent, skill and potential you always knew you had.  How amazing will it be to finally ARRIVE!


#2. Download the Success Calculator and fill it out and see just how powerful you've really become.  When you have these two steps complete you're ready to go on to the next lesson.


You were born for something special, you were created to serve a purpose, you are READY for MORE!  Stay focused, persevere and the dream that used to be so far off will be yours before you know it.   See you in the next lesson.

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