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Scaling To Success Module

Lesson # 7.1 - Avoiding Burnout

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Lesson # 7.1 - Avoiding Burnout | Click To Read More . . .

Hi, I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to the Scaling To Success BONUS Module of the Stories to Success System.  Now that you've learned the fundamentals of a successful business and have built YOUR business on the bedrock of that foundation, we wanted to take this opportunity to help you see around the next corner and take a look at what lies ahead.  The next steps on this adventure are filled with calls, pits, searches and transformations so stick with us as we help you map out a successful plan for future growth.


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We designed the Stories to Success System to guide our clients to creating a solid, flourishing business and we expect since you've come this far, you are getting some great results.  Maybe those results are enough for you, maybe they are not, but either way you have all the tools you need to find ideal clients, and make massive changes in their lives.  You should never be without work again.


Be sure to revisit the ENTIRE Stories To Success System multiple times, especially early on in your business.  Each time you go through it, you will pick up new information because your understanding is more and more complete.  You have lifetime access to the program and all future S2S updates, so please continue to use these tools to help you grow.


That being said, the business you have built has the potential to serve millions of clients and make millions of dollars.  That's right.  The business you just created can literally make you a household name and a global brand if you go forward with the correct steps from here.


So what are those steps?  Here's a quick outline of what needs to happen to get massive results in the shortest time possible.


First, while one on one and small group coaching are great, it's difficult for any business owner to keep up the pace of being "Out" finding new clients and "In" actually coaching those clients.  Eventually, most of us get to a point where it's exhausting trying to keep up with it all. 


So what's the solution here?   Well, one way is to DUPLICATE ourselves so we can spend more time enrolling clients into our programs.  If you've followed our instructions in the Perfected Products Module, you've already been recording your group coaching calls as part of your product delivery system. 


These recordings, packaged together, make an amazing resource for new clients to purchase at a lower price point than your "live" coaching program.  If you sell your main product for $2000, you could easily sell the recordings for between $197 and $497.  You just duplicated yourself and created a brand new product to sell without any additional work.  Pretty good, right!?!


It's as simple as packaging your recordings into a .zip file and using dropbox or a similar tool to deliver the recordings to your client.  You don't even need a website to make this happen!


The next way to avoid burnout in your business is to surround yourself with a community of like-minded individuals.  Joining an entrepreneur group or mastermind is a powerful way to keep your energy flowing and your business growing.  It's also an amazing way to find new Ideal Clients from a group of "BUYERS" you can trust to put in their best effort. 


While both of these steps are critical to successfully maintaining your business and maintaining your energy, the best way to GROW your business is through automation.


What could be better than having automated systems to send out emails, follow up with clients, recruit new ideal clients and even make sales?


Automation is truly the secret to making money while we sleep and let me tell you, there's no better feeling than going on vacation and making more than you spend without lifting a finger at work.


You see, while Stories to Success is our flagship program here at Gunzel Family Brands, it's only one of our multiple streams of income.  All of those streams are directly in line with our purpose.   And all of them have been built so we can work anywhere in the world with a laptop and cell phone, spending time doing the things we really love.


So if you're really interested in magnifying your influence in the world, leading a tribe of Ideal Clients to their own personal victories, speaking on stages or at retreats in front of hundreds of raving fans and growing your bank account while you sleep, we're about to break it all down for you.  Lesson 2 of this module will give you a behind the scenes peak at the blueprint that makes it all happen. 


For now, you action steps are: 


#1  If you aren't already recording EVERY coaching session, start now! 


#2  Organize those recordings and package them into a brand new product, price it and start selling it on your enrollment calls to those clients who aren't quite ready to purchase your main program yet.


#3  It's time to have a serious look at where you want to go with your business.  It may feel like you're just starting out, but this is the MOST critical time to build with speed and accuracy if you want massive success.


We only allow our MOST Ideal Clients to continue into our Mastermind so if you're sitting on the fence, please make up your mind before moving on to the next lesson.  The time for kicking tires ended when you made the decision to join Stories To Success.  We are people of ACTION and in the next lesson, we're going to see exactly what action is necessary to skyrocket our results!


Until then, hold your head high!  You've created an elite business that very few people could ever accomplish.  We are proud of you and the amazing work you are doing!  Keep up the great work and we'll see you in the next lesson.

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