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Purpose Module

Lesson #1.6 - KNOWING Who You Are

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Lesson 1.6 - KNOWING Who You Are | Click To Read More . . .

Hi I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories to Success System.


Wow!  You've got your Purpose and your Industry!  Congratulations!  You will continue to reap rewards for that hard work for the rest of your life!  In this lesson we are going to craft your Precision Power Statement that will help you communicate that Purpose and Industry to every one you talk to.


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Well, here's where I blew it the first time.  In my defense, it's where most people blow it.  There I was all excited to have my purpose and my industry and I thought GREAT!  I'll start a coaching business and people will flow in, and I'll be rich and I'll only work four hours a week (thanks, Tim Ferris). 


So I did, I jumped in full bore without knowing anything but my purpose and as you can expect, it was a total flop.  Well, not a total flop, I learned some very tough lessons and spent the next 5 years becoming an expert in Client Acquisition, Story Telling, Marketing and Enrollment.  I also became very, very poor.  


I remember that Christmas, we had $87 in our bank account and Trina and I decided not to buy each other gifts for the first time ever.  We spent the money on a few groceries and 1 gift for each of the kids.  I spent that whole Christmas season trying to figure out where I went wrong. 


Here I had amassed CONSIDERABLE expertise and I was still failing.  I was missing something but I just couldn't put my finger on it.  Finally, after some really great coaching from my friend and mentor Ted, I figured out what I was missing.


You see having your purpose and industry is great!  It really is.  But by itself, it's almost useless.  Knowing what you are made for and what you are focused on is only really useful (and profitable) if you figure out how it helps OTHER people! 


That's when I figured it out.  The whole point of all the work I'd done to get my purpose was to use it to help OTHER people.  I couldn't pay myself for working in my purpose, right?  So I had to use my purpose to deliver value and results to my clients who would then exchange that value with me or as I put it, say thank you with their wallets!


SO, how do you turn your purpose and industry into something that helps others?  Well that’s what the rest of the modules in the Story To Success System are all about. 


But first, you need a way to communicate what you do for people in a way they understand.  Enter the Precision Power Statement Formula.  I'm going to throw you in the deep end of the pool with this but stay with me and I'll help you through it.



The Precision Power Statement Formula is:


I help (people) DO __________ so THEY can HAVE ________________ so they can BE  _____________.


Put another way, I help people do THIS, so they can have THAT, so they can be SOMETHING.


Let's break this down.


First I help people…  what people?  Who?  Well it's my ideal client of course.  The whole next module is dedicated to it, so for now, let's just use I help people.  Remember this part though because once you complete the ideal client module you'll be able to custom tailor this part of the statement just for them.


So I help people do THIS….  Do what?  This is where your purpose and industry work is about to pay off. 


In my case, I started with I help people develop personal excellence. 


You can fill in whatever sounds right for your purpose.


Next, so they can HAVE THAT.  What does your customer want?  Great question.  Look at your purpose again.  What do people want from your industry.  If you're in coaching like I am, they want success, money, time, travel, romance.


If you're in a different industry, lets pick entertainment, they want well, entertainment, an escape, a lesson, connection.  See how this works?


Finally, and this is the part where you really get them excited, so they can BE SOMETHING!


Most people want a change in their lives.  We buy a new car because we want to BE more secure or BE more sexy or Be more adventurous.


This last part of the Precision Power Statement is really the POWER part.  If you can figure out what your clients want to be, you can really help them get what they want and THAT is very very valuable!


Ok so let's look at your Precision Power Statement.


I help people do this so they can have that so they can be something.


You won't have all the perfect answers for this yet, but do your best to fill in each blank and put together a statement that represents what your purpose can do for people.  Just do your best for now. 


You'll continually refine this as we go through the upcoming modules and learn more about who your ideal client is, what they want and what you are going to do for them.


I'll give you an example so you have a little more to build on.  So for me, again my purpose is Coaching Personal Excellence Through Outdoor Experiences and my industry is Educational Services.


So my first Precision Power Statement was:

I help people develop personal excellence so they can have more success in their lives and be free to travel more.


Kind of rough but anyone who hears that actually has a pretty good idea of what I do and how it benefits them right? 


Again, this is a starting point you will refine it to a highly polished statement that goes straight to your clients heart by the end of the Stories to Success System. 


One last thing.  Keep it simple please?  If a 10 year old can understand it, that's just about perfect.  Refine it until it makes sense and call it good for now.  Again, we'll make it better as we go along, but practice saying it.  Test it out on some people you don't know very well.  Check out how they respond to it.  You'll learn a lot as you go along.


The action steps for this lesson are:


  1. Download the Precision Power Statement Formula Worksheet and complete your first statement.
  2. Memorize your new statement and try it out on a few people.  See how they respond.
  3. Celebrate!  You've come a very long way in a short period of time and it only gets better from here!


As I already mentioned the next module is all about identifying and learning to understand your ideal clients.  These are the people you'll be thrilled to work with day in and day out and you'll soon be able to pick them out of a crowd with ease.


Very well done on completing the Purpose Module of the Stories to Success System.  We're proud of your and the work you've done!  You're well on the way to making your own dreams come true. 


See you in the next lesson!

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