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Purpose Module

Lesson #1.4 - Bringing It All Together

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Lesson 1.4 - Bringing It All Together | Click To Read More . . .

Hi I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories to Success System.


In this lesson were going to pull together everything you've worked so hard on over the early part of this module.  This is where it all starts to make sense, so let's get to work.


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My Junior year of high school, I took a peer counseling class.  I loved it so much I took it again as a Senior.  After my football career ended abruptly with a broken neck I was back on the hunt for a job and I chose being a Police Officer because I wanted to help people.  Although I was great at it, my health failed and I was unable to continue my career. 


Next we built our own photography studio from scratch to six-figures.  I loved taking pictures of families and helping them make memories.  My favorite pictures to take were of those children who had physical disabilities.  It seemed I could look past their physical bodies and capture who they really were.


That was the highlights of my career path to that point.  A peer counselor, football player, cop, and photographer.  Talk about chasing opportunities! 


What really blew my mind though, was when I discovered my true purpose in life, the one that has been my consistent, shining star ever since, I found out that all those things and more pointed me right where I needed to go. 


If you take a clock at put the start of your life at the 12:01 mark and you put your purpose, this thing we are looking for at the 12:00 mark that's a very fair representation of where you are at this point.  It seems daunting and a long way to go to get to that purpose.    


Up to this point we've been opening up our minds a lot and looking at who we are and what we've done.  It's all been in preparation for this next exercise. 


We are about to show you how close you really are to your purpose and when you see it, you'll never be the same again! 


Look at that clock again.  If you take the numbers away, you can see where you are right now and where your purpose lies are really only 1 degree away.  We call that the one degree of separation and this exercise will help you close that gap for good.


You see when we pull together all the things you have experienced in your life and find the common thread, we are able to extract our purpose and build the rest of your life on the foundation you've already laid.  It's really the only way to be successful and the only way to REALLY know you are standing on solid ground and doing what you've been meant to do your whole life.


Peter F. Drucker was a business consultant who probably forgot more about business that we will ever know.  When asked about purpose, he wrote the following:


"Most people think they know what they are good at.  They are usually wrong. 

More often, people know what they are not good at - and even then more people are wrong than right.

And yet, a person can perform only from strength. 

One cannot build performance on weaknesses, let alone on something one cannot do at all."

  • Peter F. Drucker - Managing Oneself


Drucker's well-made point is, we can only really be successful building on things that are our strengths.  I'm not just talking about things that come easy for us, I'm talking about things that we've trained for by experience, lived through, and learned from. 


So let's get busy and find YOUR REAL strengths and with it, your unique purpose.


Download the 6 slices exercise from the link below and I'll explain what you're going to do.  The reason it's called Six Slices is each question looks at a different slice of your life.  When we overlay the slices on top of each other, we can see commonalities.


You'll do this exercise multiple times in the next few days so don't worry about getting it perfect, just do the best you can and strive to go deeper with each question and each new pass through the exercise.


The idea here is were going to collect data from 6 separate questions and find the areas where all 6 areas intersect.  Finding the common thread between this data can be fast or it can take a while but when you find it, you'll have a feeling of confidence knowing you've been training for this your whole life.


It's helpful to have 6 notecards or separate pieces of paper for this exercise.


On the first notecard you'll write the #1 and the question at the top.  Do the same for the other 5.  Once you are set up, only look at 1 card at a time and list all the answers you can before you move on to the next one.


Here's the mindset you need to think with each question:


Slice #1 - This first question is all about what lights you up and what you have deep knowledge of.  Deep enough to have engaging conversations with friends about.  You'll have to think back to times when you were really excited about sharing something you know.


Slice #2 - Read this question carefully.  Family or friends DON’T COUNT, it's what strangers and enemies compliment you on.  You might have to search for this one, but what do you do that gets people's interest and appreciation


Slice #3 - This question is not so much about you, but the influences you had in your younger years.  What did your parents, grandparents, guardians do, what did they talk about, what did they study.


Slice #4 - Now we want to focus on what YOU have been doing lately.  Not just what you do for a job, of course include that too, but what hobbies, activities, interests have you been up to.


Slice #5 - This time period is usually before a person's need for survival kicks in and you are most clear about what you actually want.  If you can, think back to this time and list out the things you wanted to be


Slice #6 - This is all about listening to your inner voice.  Call it your conscious, the Holy Spirit or even just your gut instinct, but what do you feel you are meant to do.  Not just make money or survive, that will come.  But what is your contribution to the world supposed to be?  What mark will you leave on humanity or the world?


Ok, your action steps for today:


  1. Download and complete your first run through of the 6 slices exercise.
  2. When you are finished with your 6 cards, arrange them in a circle and begin to look for places where there is a common thread between them. 
  3. Take a few moments to reflect on this experience and what realizations you had about what your life and background has prepared you to do.
  4. This takes some time and some focus, so work it one time through.  Then put it all away and create a brand new set of cards after you've slept on it. 
  5. If you discover your purpose during this step, AWESOME!  Congrats.  If you don't, NO WORRIES, the next 2 lessons will help everyone lock it down for good.


Be sure to include the things in your life that you could consider bad, difficult or failures, too.  Sometimes your purpose lies in making your mess your message, too.


If you need help with this after you've done it a couple times, the Facebook group and the support group calls are the perfect place to get help.  We've done a ton of these with clients and if you stick with it, the results are always worth it.


In the next lesson we will take everything we've learned here and use it to pick the ONE industry you'll work in for the rest of your life.  (Don't worry, that's not as scary as it sounds)


Until then, put in your best effort, bring your best self to the work and keep up the amazing effort.


See you in the next lesson.

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