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Purpose Module

Lesson #1.2 - Your First Purpose

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Lesson 1.2 - Your First Purpose | Click To Read More . . .

Hi I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories to Success System. 

What's your purpose for this module?  To get a PURPOSE and in this lesson you will take the first step toward discovering  YOUR unique purpose.

Let's get going!

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As we discussed in the last lesson, your purpose is key to every decision you make whether you know it or not.  When we make decisions that are in line with our purpose, we feel fulfilled, successful and accomplished.  When we make decisions against our purpose, we feel let down, disheartened and like we don't know what to do next.

So let's do our best to make sure we never feel that way again, huh?

There are many little clues we will discover together in the next few lessons that will help you determine what your purpose is.  As I mentioned in the last lesson, your purpose has a common thread throughout your whole life whether you've been conscious of it or not.  All we have to do is find that thread and then understand what it means.

As we go through the exercises in the rest of this module, you may need to repeat them a couple times maybe even a couple days apart.  As you start to unearth these long buried clues, each one will lead to others.  If you stay with it and put in effort like the rest of your life depends on it, I promise you will be rewarded with a purpose that is comfortable, powerful and uniquely YOU.

The first step we are going to take in finding your purpose is to complete the  "About Me" worksheet on this page.  This exercise will start to pull up all the raw materials we will be searching through to discover what your purpose is. 

As you fill out the worksheet, take time to review each question and write down an answer that best describes you working or learning under ideal conditions for you (so not like the schooling most of us grew up with)  Instead think about the times you've worked or learned because YOU wanted to.

You're not going to be stuck with any of these answers, it's just a first step in opening the door to understanding.

Each question needs a unique mindset so think of the following as you go through the list.   

In Question 1, you're going to think about how you get the most out of what you consume.  Are you a Reader or a Listener.  Do you get more out of a book or course if you read it or if you listen to it?  Really think out your answer here.

Question 2 will ask you about your learning style.  If you've been trained that you are a certain learning style, (kinesthetic, visual, auditory, etc.) start from scratch here.  Think about when you are only learning something for fun that you are interested in.  Do you learn it better if you take notes, do things hands on, talk it out, or teach it?

On question 3 really think about how you work best, as part of a group or as a loner.  Not just how you feel today, but what gets you fired up and performing your best?

For Question #4,  Are you President material or are you the Chief of Staff?  Do you prefer to make the tough decisions and take responsibility for them yourself or do you do better collecting all the facts and presenting them to someone else to make the decision?

Question #5 is all about how you get the best possible results.  I used to think I needed a low stress environment, but I found out I actually do my best work when I've got a deadline and I have to produce or lose.  Think about how you do your BEST work, not just what's comfortable or what you are used to.

Some of us have to be really careful with Question #6.  This isn't about hiding out or flying under the radar.  For this question, be sure to focus on how you perform at your best.  Do you want a large organization around you or a small one?

Number 7 might be a huge eye opener.  Where do you not belong?  Sometimes you just KNOW where you have no business working.  If something sticks out to you, answer it here.  If not, use your imagination and think about some careers or life paths you would wake up dreading every day.  Either way, sometimes it's as important to know where you shouldn't be as where you should.

Answer question #8 with your heart.  It's not the "should" your mom or dad or boss put on you.  Instead close your eyes and get real with yourself and ask what YOU feel you should contribute to the world.

Finally when you answer question #9 read the question carefully and imagine yourself in the future as you answer the question.  We have a motto in our family, "If it's not fun, we don't do it."  That doesn't mean we play all the time, but if we are feeling bad about something it usually means we are doing it wrong. Remember the title of this lesson.  Keep this in mind as you finish up this exercise.

So you're action step for today is:

  1. Download and complete the "About Me" exercise using the information we just talked about.
  2. Let the information sit at least overnight, then review it and correct or adjust any answers.
  3. Remember, this is just the first step and this is supposed to be FUN!  Think it through but have a good time with it!

In the next lesson we are diving deeper into your purpose. We will help you uncover your bigger skill set, experiences, and knowledge.  We're going to help you understand the whole picture of who you are and who you can be through your valuable life stories and experiences.


Keep going, you’re doing great and each step is bringing you closer to the life you've always dreamed of.

See you in the next lesson.

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