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Perfected Products Module

Lesson # 5.6 - Product Delivery Sequence

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Lesson 5.6 - Product Delivery Sequence | Click To Read More . . .

Hi, I'm Trina Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories to Success System.  In this lesson, we will teach you about the importance of 2nd coats in your products, programs or services.  We will also answer the question:  How do I deliver my product? 


We will also help you better understand exchange and the product delivery sequence for long term success.  We've got a lot to cover, so let's go ahead and get started.


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Throughout the Stories of Success Program, you have worked hard and smart to build on your purpose, identify your ideal client, craft your story, your brand and to design your products, program or service.  We want to take a moment to acknowledge you because you are really putting in the effort to give yourself the best chance of success.


Now, the first time you go out and launch your program, you might enroll your first client, teach your first seminar, host your first retreat, or have your first one on one consultation.  As you start to go through and actually deliver your program, product or service, it's important that you make note of what works well and what you can improve the next time you do it. 


Get ongoing feedback from your participants.  What is working for them?  What else do they need?  What can you do to improve?  By getting their honest feedback, you'll be able to make your program even better the next time you do it.


By taking the time to evaluate yourself, your client's needs and the specifics of your program, you can make it even better the 2nd time. 


We have a tendency to want to try to fit everything in the first time, but this can leave to clients feeling overwhelmed.  Instead, pick out the key 1-6 ideas you want to focus on, and go more in depth.  Less really is more and you want your clients to get a feel for working with you and have a successful foundation they can build on, when you design your future programs, later.


Now, you may be wondering, "How do I actually deliver my product program or service?"  It is nice to have options and we are going to share some of our favorite resources with you.


If you are going to be doing some kind of group coaching or consulting where you have designed, for example, a 6 week group course where you will be coaching them live for 2 hours once a week, these two options are ones we have used successfully.


You can set up a free uberconference line people can access over their computer or call in,




You can set up a fee zoom conference line. 


You'll want to check out the specifics of each and make sure to pick the one that works best for you, or have both in case one isn't working, you can always use the other.


Both can be set to send you recordings of the call you can share with your clients who aren't able to attend both can be accessed via phone or computer, which is nice for you and your clients.


Now, if you are physically going to be hosting an event, you'll want to consider the following:


Location, cost, dates available, how many people can be in the building, and any supplies you'll need.


Some locations you might consider are hotels that have conference rooms, public library meeting rooms, a restaurant banquet room, a resort conference center, a park, or a local church hall.


Some of these places will charge and others may just accept a donation, but you'll want to get all the details for this before you book your event so you don't have any surprises.


You will also want to decide if you are having any materials for your participants that are included or if you are going to charge a materials fee for the event.


If it's all online or over the phone, you might email participants your materials.


If it's a live event you can have materials printed and even bound at a printing shop like Kinkos.


The last areas we are going to cover in this lesson is our product delivery sequence and pricing


We use a specific structure that you've been following all along the way in the Stories To Success System.


We first identify our ideal client.  Then we get as much FREE content to them as possible in the form of our story, our branding and the free content we post. 


As a client becomes interested and asks for more information, we have an enrollment conversation with them.  This is usually a 45-75 minute conversation we have on the phone.  If you're in this program, you went through an enrollment conversation with us at some point.  We'll cover the whole enrollment process in the next module.


Finally, upon a successful enrollment, we deliver the product to the client using the information at the beginning of this lesson.  And the last step is to follow up with the client along the way to ensure they are successful with the product they purchase. 


If this whole thing has seemed like a ton of work, you're absolutely right!  That's why you MUST price your products based on the value they provide to the client!


For example.  For the Stories To Success System, we trained for 15 years and spent over $500,000 to get the knowledge. 


Then we spent months refining that knowledge to only the most useful actionable content.  That added to the overall value, too 


Finally, we looked at the results our clients could expect to achieve when they started their own business as an advanced business owner and marketer and the potential yearly income they could make because of it. 


We figured the overall value of the program is in the neighborhood of $300,000 to 3 million dollars of personal income directly in the pockets of our clients who followed the system and put in their best efforts over the course of the rest of their life. 


So it was easy for us to price the program at $3,000 because we knew we were easily delivering 100 times that value or more.  At 3k, our clients could access the info and they had to be serious about building a business and not just kicking tires. 


So as you move forward with pricing your product, be sure to include ALL the value the clients will receive. 


Each product is different so each price will be different, but be sure to come up with a price where you feel you are delivering 100x the value to your client. 


The price should also make the client reach a little to be able to afford it.  If it's important enough for them to make sacrifices for, it's important enough for them to be successful, too. 


In any case, If you teach the 6 lesson program you created in your Master Product Framework over 6 weeks in an online group coaching format, it should be priced no lower than $2,000 per person.   That's just for the coaching time and the materials you may provide if any.


Remember, your clients are paying for the solution you are providing for them and for access to YOU as a consultant to help solve their problems.  You deserve to be paid well for the hard work you've put in and will deliver.


So, you can imagine, if you enroll only 10 clients a month at $2,000 each that's $20,000 per month on this product alone for a total "coaching time" of only 12 hours (that’s 2 hours per week for 6 weeks)


If you continue to enroll only 10 clients a month for 12 months, you just pocketed $240,000 with little to no overhead expenses at all. 


I don't know about you, but I think that makes all the work worth it.


And that's just the start.  When you join our yearlong Mastermind, we'll show you how to exponentially increase that income by helping those same clients get even better results!


So, be patient, persevere, be determined and keep doing what it takes to actually make your dreams reality.  We're really working hard and all of this is coming together!  Awesome job!


Your action steps for today are:


  1. Set up your free zoom or uberconference line so you'll be ready to help your clients live through your program or your future enrollment conversations.


  1. Decide how you will be delivering your product or service and complete the Program Delivery Guide Worksheet to help you get organized


  1. Practice sharing your program in front of your camera.  Record it so you can share your story and program with others and start building confidence in your method of delivery.  This will help you get more comfortable, start seeing how you can improve, and be a great first coat practice.


  1. Set your price for your product now.  Minimum of $2,000 per person but do the calculations for yourself and make sure YOU understand the immense value you are delivering so your clients will, too.


In the next module, we are going to be teaching you Effortless Enrollments.  These will be the lifechanging conversations you will have with your potential clients that gets them to say yes to what you have to offer, helps you know how to handle objections and see that this is where we really get the opportunity to have deep, life changing conversations and change people's lives.


Get ready to take the next steps to exchange in abundance with your clients.  The more you help others, the more they will thank you and the bigger impact you'll be making.  Keep up the great work and I'll see you in the next lesson.

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