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Perfected Products Module

Lesson # 5.3 - Before You Can "HAVE" A Product

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Lesson # 5.3 - Before You Can "HAVE" A Product | Click To Read More . . .

Hi, I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories To Success System.  Now that we know what a product is and how to get our minds organized so we're out of our own way, it's time to create our first product.


But did you know there are actually 3 steps to product creation most people skip?  They are the true start of creating any product and in this lesson you're going to learn the process we use to make sure our products jump out of our heads and into the world. 


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In my early 20's I was diagnosed with Restless Leg Syndrome.  Now if you've never had it, it seems like a totally made up condition.  It feels like I have ants running up and down my legs and causes my legs to twitch and wiggle, especially at night.  My mother, who also had RLS, even wrote a book about the agony we suffered and strategies to cope.


As I got a little older, I realized my Restless Leg Syndrome was accompanied by a disease I made up called Restless MIND Syndrome.  I spent many frustrating nights with amazing ideas running around in my head, wanting desperately to help people, create value in the world and make money doing it. 


I had so many different ideas and yet I had NO products.  How can that be.  How can we have tons of knowledge, a desire to help and yet be stuck not knowing how to turn that into something valuable.


Whether you have RLS, RMS, or just a bunch of ideas with no place to go, the rest of this module is designed to help you calm your mind, organize your thoughts and create amazing products as quickly and easily as possible. 


As we move through the following lessons, we're going to give you a behind the scenes look at the Stories To Success System.  See which parts you recognize and you'll see how our flagship product came into being.


There are 3 critical steps in product creation.  Before you can HAVE a product to sell, you first have to NAME, WANT and GET your product.


So let's start off with the first step.  Name Your Product.


Now this seems about as straight forward as saying call the sky blue, right?  But you'd be surprised how often trying to come up with the perfect name for a product can stop creation in its tracks. 


We lost way too many days to seesawing back and forth between names.  Once we saw a few ideal clients crash and burn because WE were unable to get OUR product in their hands, we had to create a better way.


So step 1 is still name your product, but we use a generic name now and come back to rename the product only after ALL the organization steps have been completed.  This allows us to quickly organize the overall theme of the product without getting stuck on a specific name that will probably change multiple times as we go along anyway. 


To give you a good example of this, while we were developing our year long, online business scaling mastermind product, we used the theme of the product as the title for development.  It allowed us to have a concrete name to refer to so we knew which project we were talking about while giving us the leeway to flex and change the product.


We knew the theme of the mastermind was scaling businesses online so we titled the project Online Growth System.  It's not pretty, not inspiring, but WE knew exactly what it meant.  It also gave us a container to grow our product in.  In effect, it allowed us to create space for the product to exist in.


So as you begin building your own project now, use the theme you put together in lesson 1 of this module.  Put the word System at the end.  That's it.  You're done.  Lock in that name until you are completed with the organization and creation of the final product THEN come back and give it the title it deserves, ok?


Step two is to WANT your product.  Again, this may seem like the most basic of steps but it's one that derails most people at one time or another. 


Often we have a general idea of a product we want to create and we just start creating without actually figuring out WHY we want this product to exist in the world.  Then, when things get tough or those pesky distractions creep in, we end up losing momentum because we really don't have any reason to keep going other than it seemed like a good idea.


Instead, after taking the time to name our product, we take the time to sit down and write out the WHY we WANT this product to exist in the world.  This is the EXACT cut and pasted copy of my WANT statement for this Stories To Success System.


Why do I want our product - Stories to Success?


This product will empower me with a structure to guide our clients to finding their own stories and turning them into successful contributions to mankind.  Having the product clearly defined allows me to know EXACTLY what I'm promising to the client and EXACTLY what I need to deliver.


The Stories to Success product is my vehicle for getting MY creation and contribution out to the world.  Without my product I have a lot of knowledge in a lot of chaos.  With my product I have organized the chaos of knowledge into a distinct usable tool that will be valuable to exchange with others.


Creating the Stories to Success product allows me to finally take all my hard work in passion, purpose and flow and put it together into a deliverable Valuable Final Product I can exchange!  It gives me a specific path to turn my many talents into a system of success for myself and my clients.


I think you can see this is a very concrete WHY I want the Stories To Success System to exist.  If you'll take the time to write out your WHY and really WANT your product, it will give you all the drive and determination you want to breathe life into it and bring it into the world.


The third step is to GET your product.  To GET you have to know how to ORGANIZE!


Creating a blueprint or roadmap will organize our knowledge and skills into a Valuable Final Product that is worthy of exchange for value. 




Today we organize our knowledge, tomorrow our PR, Marketing, workflow, taxes, etc.


The TRUE key to success is detailed organization and in the next lesson we will introduce you to the Master Product Framework that will finally organize all your skills and expertise into an immensely valuable product tailor made for your client's needs.


So your action steps for this lesson are to NAME, WANT and GET your first Product:


#1 Download the Product Creation Worksheet


#2 Using the worksheet, NAME your first product with your theme, followed by SYSTEM.


#3 WANT your product by filling out the worksheet with the SPECIFIC reasons why you want your product to exist in the world, who it will help and what it will do for you!


and #4  it's time to GET your product!  Move on to the next lesson and learn how the Master Product Framework makes it easy.


Don't look now, but you are already creating your first Final Product and soon you'll be placing it in the hands of your ideal clients in exchange with them. 


Going back to my Restless Leg Syndrome.   Wouldn't you know it?   As soon as I was able to turn all those racing thoughts into useful products all those symptoms disappeared, never to return again.


It's time to turn those racing thoughts into reality!  Keep up the amazing production and we'll see you in the next lesson.

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