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Perfected Products Module

Lesson # 5.1 - What IS A Product?

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Lesson 5.1 - What IS A Product? | Click To Read More . . .

HI!  I'm Trina Gunzel and welcome to the first lesson in the Stories to Success Perfected Products Module.  Everything you have been working toward is about to come together as you create and design your products, based on your purpose and your clients' needs.


Throughout this module, we will be working to define and create products tailor made for your ideal clients.  We're going to have a lot of fun so let's jump in and get started.


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Now, there is nothing worse than having an amazing opportunity to speak on someone's stage or at an event and having nothing to exchange with people who want to work with you.


If we don't have something to offer, we are really just leaving dollars on the table and missing huge opportunities to help others.  That's where having your unique product comes in.


So, now that you have the big picture and purpose for this module, let's get into the details of understanding Valuable Final Products.


First, we want to know:  what is a product?  A product is a FINISHED HIGH QUALITY Service or ARTICLE IN THE HANDS OF THE GROUP IT SERVES.  This means that before it is exchanged with the group it serves, it is an item, not a product. 


Next, let's define: what is Valuable?  A valuable product is one that is DESIRED BY OTHERS (not by the creator).


So what exactly is a Valuable Final Product, then? 


Valuable Final Products are those products that people exchange money for because the product solves real problems they have.  If you offer value to others, they will pay you in exchange for those ideas, products, or services.


For example, when I taught a 45 hour course  teachers needed in order to renew their teaching certificate in Arizona, I solved a problem for them.  I provided the course in live and online formats, and they thanked me by paying me $350 per individual course.  One district paid me $14,000 to teach this same course to their teachers in a power packed weekend.  I taught the course on location making it valuable because it saved them from traveling and gave them a group learning experience with hands on learning.  


When we provide solutions for people, they are willing to pay us and they pay us more based on how custom it is and the more problems we solve.  This is something to keep in mind as you move forward.


Now, one way that you can brainstorm your product ideas is through the use of a theme.  A theme can be defined as a dominant idea that ties everything together.


I like to do this using something called a web.  A web is a tool used to brainstorm and gather ideas.  To create a web on paper, you simply put your main idea or theme in the middle of the paper.  Then, draw lines out from the center and write down each topic inspired by that theme.  This gives you a space to capture any thoughts you have related to your theme that you can later use to create products.


I'm including a sample web for you in your action steps for today to help you brainstorm your theme and later you can draw from it as a resource, as you create your products.


So, your action steps for today are:


  1. Spend some time thinking about some products you have purchased from others and what problems they solve for you.  These might inspire you as you create your own products as you go along.


  1. Download the Web Theme Template and use it to brainstorm topics or ideas you could teach, based on a central theme.


You have put in great effort and intentional time to get to this point and it only gets better from here. 


In the next lesson, we'll be teaching you the mindset it takes to CREATE products and giving you the organizational tool that will free you up to dream, plan, and be critical enough to make you dreams reality.  All of this planning is what it takes to get your valuable final products out there so let's take this to the next level.


Keep going!  We're so excited to see the programs or services you'll create in the next lessons.

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