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Overview & Planning Module

Lesson #0.7 - Cutting The Confusion

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Lesson 0.7 - Cutting The Confusion | Click To Read More . . .

Hi I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories to Success System.

In this lesson we will tackle the things that stop our progress and learn how to get going again.  These techniques will be critical to master and apply during your business and are extremely helpful for increasing production in general.


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You may have already experienced a time in your life where you really wanted to accomplish something but for some reason, you just couldn't face it.  No matter how much you wanted to, you just couldn't start that course, finish that project or get that job done on time.  I know I've faced this a lot in my life and it took me over 30 years to learn the information I'm going to share with you now.


When I was young, I'd lose focus on my studies and my parents would call me lazy or say I daydreamed too much.  Later in college, I was in a Computer Programming Fundamentals course that I absolutely loved and one day I just couldn't return to the classroom any more.  I didn't know how to explain it, I just couldn't face going in that room or opening that book again.


I blamed the instructor and said my brain must just be full.  It stopped me from enjoying and completing a class I really loved.  That day bothered me for a long time until I finally learned how confusion works and how to beat it.


Here's what really happened.  In that Computer Programming Class, we had a lot of new words.  A LOT.  Stuff I didn't understand.  But I was used to that (I thought) and plugged away anyhow.  Well it turns out, misunderstood words are the number 1 cause of quitting, procrastinating, and leaving any project, class or job. 


You heard that right.  It's the words we DON'T understand that make us lose interest and have to leave a course.  I spent many years blaming professors, books, classes, and even my wife from time to time for making me leave or quit, but you know what?  In each of those cases, I've gone back and looked for the word I didn't understand and low and behold, there is ALWAYS a word or phrase I didn't get. 


I won't go into any more detail here about WHY this happens because there are better instructors on that subject, but I will tell you HOW to beat it. 


When you are studying in this program or any other, NEVER GO PAST A WORD YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND!  Not even ONE.  Get out a dictionary or use one on your phone and make sure you understand the words you are studying.  It's the best habit you will ever develop for your future success. 


I have an app on my phone for Dictionary.com.  I found that it's the most reliable and fastest way to define a word and get myself going again.  Now when you first start with this technique, it will feel very slow and cumbersome.  You may be surprised at how many words you only have a partial understanding of.  As you go though, you will speed up and your vocabulary will improve and you'll actually be reading AND understanding faster than ever before!  Remember lesson #5, Slow is Smooth and Smooth is FAST!


Once you understand all the words, you will be able to understand the concepts they are explaining.  It seems so basic, but if you take the time to do it, you'll never quit a course you like again.


But what if you've already quit, how do you get going again?


  1. Remember the reason you started in the first place.  Go back to the beginning when you first signed up for the course and remember WHY you wanted the information. 
  2. Go to the most recent page or moment you were on when you stopped working on the project or course.
  3. Figure out the word or words you didn't understand.  EVERY SINGLE TIME, the word with be within a paragraph or two of the place you quit.  Go find that word and get it defined and you'll be amazed at how you interest picks right back  up.


I can't stress this enough, if you want to be successful, NEVER GO PAST A WORD YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND.


Next, let's look at confusion.  If you're sure you don't have any misunderstood words, the next thing to do is understand confusion.  If you've ever ridden in a car or on a train and looked directly out the window, everything seems to be rushing by in a great big blur.  Life can feel like that for all of us from time to time and it can stop our progress in its tracks. 


Building a business tends to introduce a LOT of new information and especially in the beginning, "information overload" causes us to want to get away from it all. 


But there is a better and more effective solution.  Instead of getting away from the project, pick 1 small part of it and focus only on that.  It doesn't even matter what part you pick.  It can be the smallest detail but focus on it and work only on that.  Then pick the next small part to work on. 


As you focus on one tiny detail to work on, the other parts of the project slow down and be easier to see. 


Remember that example of riding in the car?  Did you ever focus on 1 flower and watch everything else come into focus around it.  It works every time. 


Finally, the best thing you can do to keep your business growing is to surround yourself with positive, like-minded people who want to see you succeed.  The Stories To Success Facebook Group is the perfect place to gather support, get your questions answered fast and get you back on track ASAP.  Trina and I personally monitor this group and make sure questions get answered so your progress can continue fast.


Also, if you've purchased a package that includes the live calls, make time to get there and get your questions answered.  It's also very helpful to hear what others who are ahead or behind you have to say so you can learn from their experience too. 


I know you're serious about building a successful business and if you've done what we've taught you in this overview module you are already making your old job your side hustle and turning your business into your main focus. 


You're action steps for this lesson are:


  1. Install a dictionary app on your phone and learn how to use it.
  3. Take a project or course you've stopped on and identify the words you missed and get it defined.  It's good practice.
  4. Spot an area of confusion in your life and then pick any one TINY area to focus on.  Work only on that and see how the rest falls into place around it.


Hey!  Congratulations!  You've completed the overview module and you are now ready to go on to Module 1 where you will discover the source of all you are about to build.  YOUR PURPOSE.


Keep up the amazing effort.  It will pay off.  The only way you can lose is if you stop before you've won.  Keep going and step by step we will get what we deserve.


See you in the next lesson.

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