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Overview & Planning Module

Lesson #0.6 - Setting Priorities

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Lesson 0.6 - Setting Priorities | Click To Read More . . .

Hi I'm Trina Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories to Success System.


In this lesson, we cover how to set priorities that are bigger than your work and help you see how you can create your business and the life that you really want, while working a full time job.


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I remember being a little kid, having my first story win an award, and having my mom submit it to over 20 publishing companies.  When I wasn't published right away, I stopped working on that dream and let it discourage me from becoming an author.  Later in college, I entered a writing contest in Scholastic's Instructor magazine and won.  I earned $50 gift certificates to purchase books and materials for my classroom, then earned a paid writing position and wrote as a freelance writer for them for 7 years. 


I now have 3 books published, more in the works, host book signing events, have been a featured author and speaker, and am able to continue making that dream a reality, while I coach and train others who also want to live in their passion and purpose. 


I wanted to share this story with you because I love writing, but the only way I was ever going to get published was to continue to work on that goal, while working on my full time business.  Books only get written when I put in the effort and sometimes it takes carving out a few hours before my family wakes up, during a lunch break, or writing while my kids do their school work.  But, by integrating my dream into my full time life, I am able to make it happen and love what I do.  I am living my passion and an integrated life as a wife, mother, author, trainer, and personal success coach, traveling the world with my family.


Now, most people put off goals and wants they have in their life with the hope that someday they will get to achieve them.  They tell themselves that after they retire, after they finally make enough, after they finally get that promotion, they'll start living the life they really want and find out that their life, time with their children, their spouse, and even their health has passed them by.


But, you have to have long term goals (those things that you really want to happen in your life) that allow you to create the life you really want to have now, and see how you can fit your short term goals into those. 


Let me give you an example of this.  I was teaching full time when I got pregnant with my son.  I knew that I wanted to be able to stay home with him full time, but I couldn't afford to do that from my full time teaching job.  So, I started my educational consulting business on the side.  I earned $2,000 to $14,000 in a weekend doing professional training for school districts, became highly reputable, respected and desired in my field of expertise, and was able to resign after 2 years from my full time job to only working educational consulting and training 6 times a year and earning more than I ever did teaching, while getting to raise my son and spend more time with my family.


So, I want you to think about how you can apply this to your life. 


Are you working in a job right now that you have to do for the money, but have skills and experience that you could offer to others and start earning income on the side?  Or, is this the perfect time for you to decide to make your old job your side gig and focus all your attention and energy on creating the business and life you want now?


Do you want to see how you can find some time in your day, even if it's 20 minutes, to start reading, learning, developing your skills and a plan to create the side business that can replace your existing income?


We created a Prioritizing Your Life Worksheet designed to help you do that right now.


Download the Prioritizing Your Life Worksheet down below.  You are going to make a list of your long term goals and then fit the short term goals you have to get done around it.


Then, you're going to complete the 24 hour day graph.


Divide the circle hour by hour into how you spend your day.  Put in sleep time, breaks, meals, work, commuting, socializing, all of it.  This will give you some real data that you can look and to see how you are actually spending your time and identify any potential time slots that you can use for your self-improvement, relationship building, family time, and to start making daily process developing your side business that can eventually become your full time business, if you so desire.


During this process, we have actually had clients find time for lunch dates together that restored their marriage, find time to write their own books, and had people start their own business that allowed them to get out of debt, have a yearly vacation, and improve the quality of their life.


You are going to redraw your 24 circle graph implementing what you learned and see how you can designate time to make steady progress toward your long term goals, daily.


So, your action steps for today are:


  1. Make a list of your long term goals and then fit the short term stuff you have to get done around it.  With these long term goals in mind, complete the next step.
  2. Complete the 24 hour day graph and identify how you are spending your time and where you can make time to spend time building the relationships you want and things you want to accomplish now, while you are chipping away at your long term business plan ideas.
  3. Now, look at your long term goals again and redraw your circle graph to see how you can make time.  Combine your long term goals with what you learned about efficiency in Lesson 5 to redraw your circle graph so that you make time to make steady progress toward your long term goals every day.


Once you have your time identified and you've started to see how and where you're spending it, it makes it easy to say NO to things that are not going to get you closer to achieving your goals.  If your health, family, and work are your priorities, then look at where you can cut out time that is taking from them and add in that time doing what you really want to now, while preparing for your future.


This is going to be incredibly powerful and valuable for you so take the time to really think about it and you can start improving your life by making best use of your precious time, today.


Lesson 7 is going to help you cut any confusion you have as you start to build and grow so look forward to that.


You are really going to change your life and increase your ability to improve your relationships , your time freedom, and your life through this work. 


Great job and I'll see you in the next lesson.

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