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Ideal Clients Module

Lesson # 2.6 - Creating The Chain Reaction

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Lesson 2.6 - Creating The Chain Reaction | Click To Read More . . .

Hi, I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories To Success System.  In this lesson we are going to learn how to multiply the friends we know and set off a chain reaction that build our list faster than ever before.


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Have you ever seen one of those movies where the kids parents go away for the weekend and the kid throws a party for a few close friends and the whole thing ends up spiraling out of control?  It usually ends up with the cops showing up at the door and someone in very big trouble.


Well, when I was an officer in Corvallis, Oregon we went to plenty of parties like that, especially with the students of the local college.  At the time, I always wondered how so many people wound up crammed into a dorm room or some unsuspecting parent's house. 


Now I know.  And once again, we are going to use it to our advantage. 


In the last lesson, we started creating our list of 100 new friends that will turn into our potential clients as we get ready to launch our new business.  Right now, we are going to learn how to get those friends to introduce us to their friends and grow out our ideal client list even further. 


The combined strategies you are learning in this module are the EXACT systems we've used to grow multiple 6 figure businesses in the last 20 years.  Become and expert at these techniques, and you will never run short of friends or clients again.


This module is all about offline, organic growth and for some of you it's going to take stepping outside of your comfort zone, but you know what?  That's where all the fun and growth is.  That's what were here for, right!


While the world of online client acquisition is exciting, if you don't know what you're doing offline first, you're just throwing your money away online.  That can be a very expensive lesson, so let's get it right in person first, OK? 


It's so important to complete this lesson in person with real people from your real list.  We've all been tempted to stay indoors and away from other people, but our business can't grow unless we perfect the skill of interacting with others in person. 


So here's how it works. 


At this point you should be building your list of friends and their contact information in your OneNote NEW FRIENDS page. 


Now it's time to start putting that list to use. 

We are going to throw and event or party for all our new friends!  Now, this doesn't have to be huge, but it should be something memorable.  We can use any excuse we want for a get-together, but the key is it should be memorable AND should be on track with YOUR purpose!


I'll use a new example in this lesson. Let's say our purpose is teaching families with sick children how to get the most out of their lives and businesses


Well, my list better have a lot of names of my new friends who have kids with childhood illnesses.  So now I want to host a party or event that our ideal clients and I would enjoy attending.  DON'T make this business related (that's coming in the next couple modules, make it related to your PURPOSE!)


THE BIG KEY TO THE WHOLE THING - Invite your new friends and ask them to bring along a couple friends so you can enjoy the day together! 


Guys money doesn't have to be an issue here.  It can be as simple as a free walk in the park and bring your own picnic.  You get the idea.


In this case, I'm going to put together a Saturday where my new friends and I watch a movie as a group that will inspire us and is related to my purpose.  I'm thinking the movie like the Odd Life of Timothy Green, or Wonder (great movies).  The kids don't even necessarily have to be there, but the ideal clients do!


After the movie, we'll have something to eat.  If you're able, it's nice to host the food, but if not, pot-luck / bring a dish to share can be really fun too.  The point of the food is to get people to hang around and talk.  You all have something in common with the movie you just watched so start there and learn more about your new friends. 


At the end of your time together, give each of them a small gift.  (it could be as simple as a handmade thank you card or a small memento related to your purpose)  Ask for NOTHING in return but thank them intently for coming and spending time together.  Remember, NO BUSINESS at all.  Just concentrate on enjoying and learning more about your new friends.


THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP - Have an info sheet at the party and have the guests leave their contact information before they leave.  Name, phone number and email should be enough.   Just be sure you can get in touch with them again.  ESPECIALLY any you connected with. 


When you pull this off correctly, word spreads like wildfire.  Your new friends will go home and talk with each other about the great time they had WITH YOU!  You're actually CREATING the chain reaction now.


As soon as the guests leave, add everyone present to your OneNote NEW FRIENDS list and be sure to note their contact info and which friend introduced you. 


You can repeat this technique once a month or more to continue to grow your list of friends.  Just be sure to ask your new friends to bring along a friend or two each time.


Now if you don't get great results the first time, no worries.  Just try again and plan a different event.  You can even invite the same people.  Sometimes it's just a matter of getting to know each other a little better first. 


If you're a shy person, it's going to be tempting to skip this lesson, but I'll tell you what, there's no room for feeling shy when you're talking about client relationships.  It's best to just confront this right now and decide that you're going to do this whether you are shy or not.  Do what works for you, but do it! 


I promise you'll feel great when you are done.


So your action steps for this lesson are:


  1. Plan your first event or party and invite your new friends.  Pick a date RIGHT NOW and get it on the calendar.  (we're all busy, just pick something and stick to it)


  1. Prepare your gifts and your contact info sheet so you're ready to take advantage of the good work you're putting in.


  1. Throw your party or event and take great notes when it's over in your OneNote.  Remember super organization is key to keeping you on track for long term success! 


One final reason to really push yourself in offline, organic growth.  Once you master these techniques, you'll never be without a client again.  Even if the worst were to happen and you lost everything, you'd always be just one conversation away from being up and running again and NOBODY can ever take that away from you!


Looking forward, when you complete the branding module, we are going to revisit this lesson and teach you to build on this knowledge and grow your online presence organically, too! 


But for now, CONGRATULATIONS!  You've now completed the Ideal Clients Module!  Time to celebrate!  Hopefully with some of your new friends.


Now that you have some new contacts in the works, it's time to learn how to talk with them in a way that connects them to you and turns them from friends into raving fans.  That's exactly what the Story Module is designed to do and it's coming up next!


Well Done on completing this module!  See you in the next lesson!

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