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Ideal Clients Module

Lesson # 2.5 - 100 New Clients Just For You

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Lesson 2.5 - 100 New Clients Just For You | Click To Read More . . .

Hi, I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories To Success System.  In this lesson we're going to learn to create a pool of ideal clients you already know and figure out exactly who to talk to and where to look to find more!


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Golly, starting off trying to get in touch with new clients can feel a lot like the first day of school.  I remember my 6th grade year, we moved to a new school in a new neighborhood.  I didn't know anyone there and yet, this is where I was going to be for the whole next year. 


It was kind of intimidating at first, but some good advice from an amazing mother helped me get through it.  She told me, "Jon, you have nothing to worry about, all your friends are already there, you just have to go learn their names."


Time would tell, she was right!  By the end of that year, I had dozens of friends and some of them are still with me to this day.  Never again did I let my fear of a new group stand in the way of me making my newest friends. 


So that's exactly the technique we applied that helped us build our amazing photography, marriage consulting and now even our Stories To Success programs and when you use this technique, you will grow your client list and even more importantly, your list of amazing friends.  So let's get going. . .


In the last lesson we were professional stalkers and detectives and we did our research to determine who our ideal client is, how they talk and where they hang out.  Now it's time to start putting all that work into action. 


Step one is to join a new group of people who you've never been a part of before.  It's best to do this in person, so let's start there. 


For this example, (I'm going to pick one way outside my area of expertise so you can see how this works for anyone and any purpose.)  Let's say our purpose has to do with teaching knitting to those who have never done it before. 


Ok so the first think I would do is think about my ideal client.  This person is a female, probably 16-30 years old, (most people older than that already have an idea of how to knit) 


She has a strong interest in arts and crafts, has a couple kids (or wants them) and hangs out at stores like Michael's and Hobby Lobby in person and probably loves Pinterest and Instagram. 


Now are there people who like to knit that are way outside of this ideal client, SURE!  But we must focus on the one specific client to clarify our message and know the others will also be drawn in to our content.


Listen guys, I've proven this over and over.  Some of my best ads were created by men for men and the majority of clients that signed up were women.  Does that mean it failed. NOT ONE BIT! 


By focusing on ONE specific client, many other people could identify with that client in some way and great relationships were born.  Makes sense right?


SO Step #1 , I'm going to start spending at least 1 hour a week at Hobby Lobby (personally I'm going to spend every free second there).  I'm going to listen to what people who are similar to my ideal client are talking about.  What they are shopping for.  I'm even going to look in their carts and see what they are buying. 


I'm going to introduce yourself and make a new friend.  Don't tell them a thing about your business or what you do yet.  Just meet some people.  Find out what we  have in common.  Most importantly I'm going ask them questions. 


People LOVE to talk about themselves and if you ask them what they do for a living, what church they go to, or even tell them you're new to the area and you're wondering what there is to do, most people will open up and pour their heart out to you. 


When my hour is up, I'm going to open up Microsoft OneNote and spend some time pondering what worked and what didn't work in our conversation, then I'm going to go out do it again. 


It's that simple.  We must become experts at creating new friendships where none existed in the past.  Let's face it.  Even if we could get all our current friends to enroll in our programs, we'd run out of people pretty fast. 


The only way to build a sustainable business is to convert complete strangers into friend and then loyal customers.


So we have to be able to confront our fears and turn making new friends into our greatest strength.  You might even have to force yourself to do it at first, but the more times you repeat it, the easier it will be so let's get started immediately!


Ok, Step #2, now that I've learned to make new friends in person and have some notes on what works and doesn't work in conversation, we're going to go to the internet and learn to start making friends there, too. 


So now, we want to look for online groups that are in our local area, say in our neighborhood, city, or state.  Think about groups like church groups, yard sale or swap meet groups, local clubs.  We're going to have to do some research and keep our ideal clients in mind.


Our ideal client in this example an 18-30 year old crafty mom so I'm going to look specifically for groups she might be in.  So I would look for a MOPS group (mothers of pre-schoolers), a local farmers market, local play groups. 


Don't get stuck just on social media here either!  Some of our very best sources of new friends are online forum groups, too. 


So when we find these groups we want to join them and start making friendly comments and offering value to the group.  Even if you only spend 10 minutes a day in a couple of different groups, you can add some new friends fast. 


A real key here is to keep in mind these are real people, with real hopes, real dreams, and real problem just like you and me. 


We are going to keep track of anyone that responds to us and seems like they could be an ideal client.  We're also going to reach out to anyone who seems to fit our ideal client. 


Then we are going to specifically engage them in their posts or even direct message them and slowly build a friendship. 


A big key here is to find out what you have in common and talk about that!  No controversy, no politics , no business.  We just want to  make a great friend who is open to our communication.  Easy, right?


Last step.  Step #3  Start a new page in Microsoft OneNote and title it NEW FRIENDS.  On this page, we are going to keep track of each new friend, where we met, their contact information and what we have in common.  It's also critical to make a note each time we talk to them and never let more than a week go by without at least checking in. 


Now you might be thinking, I don't now Jon, this sounds like a lot of work and it would be if you approached it with that attitude.  But you see, I don't view it that way.  This is FUN!  This is my FUTURE!  This is the BIGGEST SINGLE KEY to me getting to live my purpose!  Nothing is more exciting than that!


So you're action steps for this lesson are:


  1. Spend at least 1 hour this week in a NEW location where your idea client would hang out and make some new friends!  (that's really exciting!)


  1. Take what you learn from making new friends in person, join a new online group in your community and start making friends with REAL people online in your area.


  1. Make a new page in OneNote for NEW FRIENDS and start keeping track of all your new friends and their information.


  1. If you will make 20 new friends a week this way, you will have all the contacts you need to have a successful launch of your new business and you will enrich your life and the lives of a lot of new people around you.  By the end of the Stories To Success System, you'll have a 100 new people who are thrilled to know you and are already your ideal clients. 


I'm so excited for you to get going on what you learned in this lesson.  This is the single most powerful skill you can master to ensure you get to continue living and working in your purpose and doing the things you love for the rest of your life. 


In the next lesson, we're going to show you how to take all these amazing new friends and create a chain reaction that can triple the size of your list every single time you use it.


Now get out there and make some amazing new friendships and I'll see you in the next lesson!

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