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Ideal Clients Module

Lesson # 2.3 - Creating Frankenstein's Monster

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Lesson 2.3 - Creating Frankenstein's Monster | Click To Read More . . .

Hi, I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories To Success System.

In this lesson we will identify and lock in the ONE Ideal Client who you will build every ad, program and story for.  It's time to get some laser focus and direction so let's put it all together and build our very own ideal client. 

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In the last two lessons we've gathered some ideas of who our 3% might be and what qualities and needs they might have. 

I remember the first time we did this exercise, we really wanted to help people who were less fortunate and were struggling in their marriage.  We thought our ideal client was  a low income family who was struggling to make ends meet.  They wanted to make a difference in the world, but didn't have any money or extra time for training or self-improvement. 

We gathered a great group of prospective clients all of whom were time and money poor and had no ability to help themselves.  We had designed an incredible marriage program (which we still offer today) that we tried to sell them for the low price of $35,000 each.   Boy, talk about creating some tough sales for ourselves!

So how did we solve that dilemma?  We realized that we needed a different ideal client and product combination for each situation. 

When we were first starting out, we really needed to make money fast, so we changed our ideal client to a upper middle class family who made at least 120 thousand per year.  They lived in a 2,500 square foot or larger home, and drove an SUV or sports car.   They had been married at least 5 years but were currently struggling with intimacy. 

Without even changing our product from the initial offering, our sales went through the roof.  All of the sudden we had matched up with our ideal client and were making sales to those that had money.  It was a great match.

Now some of you might be thinking, that's great and all, but what about the less fortunate people you were originally trying to help?  Well, we eventually solved that, too.

You see we understood the principal of putting our mask on first.  Let me explain.  If you've ever flown in an airplane and looked at the safety information card in the seatback in front of you, you've seen the illustration and instructions of what to do in case the cabin loses pressure. 

Many think they should help their children with the mask first, but that's actually a terrible choice.  You see if you spend your last available oxygen helping others, then you may pass out and not be able to help anyone else.  Worse yet, your child is too young to be able to help you.

Our business works the same way.  If we had focused on the less fortunate first, we would have quickly run out of money and energy and no one would have been able to help us.

Instead, we put our mask on first by helping those who could afford our program and needed our services. Then we turned around and helped the less fortunate by building a completely free program to serve those who couldn't afford it. 

By building ourselves into a strong company first, we then had a stable and secure base to work from to turn around and give a hand up to those who were in need.

So as you move forward, consider the timing of your clients and projects.  If you want to help those that are in tough financial situations, that's amazing!  Just make sure you set yourself up for long term success first so you can continue to help more and more people. 

For us that meant choosing clients who were more wealthy in the beginning and we found out they really appreciate our help, too. 

By now you should have some great ideas of the needs and qualities of your ideal client.  In the Ideal Client Bio worksheet you can download below, you will precisely target your ideal client by answering the questions we've designed for you.

As you go through the worksheet, you should be thinking about the person you are so excited to work with that it makes you jump out of bed each morning ready to start the day.  This is a little like creating Frankenstein's Monster as you take the qualities you really want and put them all together, leaving out the qualities you do not want in your ideal client.

Once your Ideal Client Bio is complete, the next step is to choose a REAL person that is the best representative of your ideal client.  It's best if this is someone you already know, but in the rare case you don't know this person yet, you can also look to those people you've been familiar with.  For example, business owners, celebrities, or community leaders.

Be choosy as you pick your real life ideal client.  Once you have them, use the internet to get a head-shot picture that represents him or her and print it out.  Below the picture, attach your Ideal Client Bio.  Use the person's real name if it's comfortable for you or change the name to something that is meaningful.

First select only a male or female ideal client.  As your business grows, you will make a specific resume for each type of audience you want to attract.

The idea here is, for every ad you write, product you create or talk you give, you want to focus on and create for that ONE EXACT person.  By doing this you will create focused and useful information that will attract everyone who is just like your ideal client and hopeful turn the other 97% away immediately.

For our Stories To Success System, that you are a part of, our ideal client is Joe.  He's 50 years old, he has at least 6 figures in savings, a large home in a upper class neighborhood.  He's very family focused.  His kids are in private school, and he is focused on helping others, but feels he hasn't really ever contributed his full purpose to the world.  He is tired of trying to fit in with the world but doesn't really know where to turn next.

I think you can see how focused that ideal client is, and truth be told, we continue to dial this in even more tightly every day. 

Now what if you're in the Stories To Success System and you don't fit the ideal client we just described?

That's not a problem at all!  You see, we focus on one specific person so we can attract a very specific type of client.  As our ads and products attract those people, we begin to build our 3%. 

Since no 2 people are exactly alike, we know our ad will also attract, women who are 35 years old who share many of the same feelings as Joe.  Make sense?  In this way we attract a variety of individuals who all share common qualities and needs that really like us and our products.

So, your next action steps are:

#1  Download and Complete the Ideal Client BIO worksheet

#2 Choose the EXACT REAL PERSON who best represents your Ideal Client and who you are super excited to work with every day

#3  Print out your Ideal Client's Picture and attach it to the worksheet or even better, create your own resume` for your ideal client and post it in front of your work space EVERY time you sit down to work on your business.  Everything you do should be focused directly on your Ideal Clients.

I'm so excited for you to lock in this step and meet your Ideal Client!  This is a HUGE game changer for our future success.

In our next lesson, we're going to spend time hanging out with our new clients.  By the time you complete it, you'll know where they eat, what they read, where they play and even were they sleep.  Get your stalker hat on and keep up the great work. 

See you in the next lesson!

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