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Ideal Clients Module

Lesson # 2.1 - Only the 3%!

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Lesson 2.1 - Only The 3%! | Click To Read More . . .

Hi I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories To Success System.

If you've completed the purpose module, you now understand everything we do as a business from here forward is about helping our customers achieve THEIR desired result while WE continue to enjoy working every day in our purpose.  In this lesson we will learn how turning away 97% of the people we meet keeps our business and ourselves passionate and profitable!

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I remember back in 1985 I was 9 years old and I got to watch the Discovery Channel air on television for the very first time.  Before that time, all I knew of Africa was from a few pictures in the World Book.  But then, all of the sudden, I found myself watching a lioness chase down a wildebeest in full motion and color.  For the first time, I could see HOW she hunted. 

Now, we certainly aren't "hunting prey" in our business, but all these years later, the way she hunted gave me some amazing ideas about how to go about finding my ideal clients.  Bear with me for a moment as I show you how this works.

If you can imagine the city or town you live in as a heard of wildebeest how would you, as the lioness, figure out which one was the right one for you to pursue?  Do you go after the biggest?  Do you go after the slowest?  Do you put out a sign and hope a wildebeest comes to you so you can eat it?

Strangely enough, that last one is the technique MOST businesses try to apply.  It's not very successful and I don't recommend it. 

Instead, lets learn from our lioness.  You see she watches the heard carefully and slowly sneaks within range of the whole group.  When she's ready to strike, she runs full speed at the WHOLE group, sending animals stampeding away from her. 

Now if she continues to run at the whole herd, she runs the risk of being trampled and injured, a death sentence for the lioness and a total failure of the hunt.

Instead, as the herd runs, she notices a small group split off to the left and she immediately concentrates on this group and lets the rest of the heard go.  Now she's only chasing 3. 

As she continues to run she notices one of the animals stumbles and she focuses her entire effort on this one animal.  She closes in and makes a successful kill and has plenty for her and her family to eat.

So how do we apply this to our business?   If we think like the lioness, instead of trying to make every person in the world our client and never catching any, let's focus in on only that one very specific client

To do this, we have to know as much about our ideal client as possible.  Then we can focus our effort on that small group of highly likely individuals and have great results working with clients we love and who love us!

That's the way to build a successful thriving business!  We will go deep in this module on the exact steps to help you find YOUR ideal client. 

Right now what you want to focus on though, is the mindset of only attracting 3% of the population and turning everyone else away. 

This can be a little scary for some people, so first, let's look at the numbers.  I grew up in a small town of 10,000 people.  If I apply this technique, I will only focus my efforts on 300 people in the WHOLE town. 

You might be thinking how can we stay in business with only 300 clients?  We'll, we probably can't but if you can get 300 raving fans in love with you and your products, you stand a great chance of word of your business spreading to others who share similar interests, right?

That's what we are really after here.  Creating a group of really excited clients that are a joy to work with and want to spread your message for you so you can grow like a wildfire.

So let's find the top %3 of clients in our area and focus our products, messages, and branding on attracting the very best.

There's another benefit to this system.  When you only accept the clients who match your ideal client, you end up working with people who bring joy and light to YOUR life as well.  Imagine creating that group of like-minded individuals who YOU help learn and grow into their own successes! 

We always say, NO BAD CLIENTS = NO BAD DAYS.  Does that mean we never have issues with clients? No, but it is a strong reminder to only take on clients that help us BUILD our business and our joy.  We can then safely identify those clients that don't match our idea client and kindly turn them down with no fear of missing out.

When you stick to the plan and build a list of clients you're excited to work with every day, it feels a lot less like work and a lot more like spending the day with your very best friends.  Now that's SUCCESS!

Your action steps for this lesson are simple:

#1  Spend some time thinking about WHO your 3% might be.

#2  Notice the other 97% and allow yourself to say, "Not My Clients." 

Releasing these non-clients should make you feel free of the pull to have to help everyone.  One of the best parts of this world is there are many people with many talents and you only have to help those that are yours to help.  We can allow space for others to find their 3%'s in the 97% you turn away, right?

In the next lesson we will begin to narrow down your ideal client by discovering their qualities and needs.  This powerful step will help you discover WHO you will be creating your products for and what products they really want.

Just imagine how powerful you will be when you walk into a room of your ideal clients and offer them exactly what they already want!

Keep up the amazing work and we'll see you in the next lesson!

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