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Effortless Enrollments Module

Lesson 6.5 - Your Honor, I Object!

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Lesson 6.5 - Your Honor, I Object! | Click To Read More . . .

Hi!  I'm Trina Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories To Success System.

In this lesson, we are going to look at how to diffuse objections with questions.  We'll learn how to have our clients enroll themselves, simply by answering our questions.  We'll look at objection examples and how to handle them because OUR OWN objections are our own weakness.  Let's go ahead and get started.

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Did you know that when people ask you about your program or when they get on the call with you for an enrollment conversation, they actually WANT what YOU have to offer.

You just have to help them get out of their own way long enough to step into what they want.

A huge part of the enrollment conversation is YOU standing for your client to get what they want.

People will have all kinds of objections that they will bring when it actually comes time for them to pay for the program.  But they really want to purchase it or they wouldn't be talking with you in the first place.

In that moment when fear and scarcity mindset comes in, you have to stand for your client and help them see that they only way they are going to get their dream to happen is by taken action.  Help them see that you are the guide and how your program provides solutions and they will enroll themselves.

Also, your own fears are the exact ones your clients will have so you have to confront that for yourself.  Do not put your limiting beliefs and ideas on your potential client.

Instead, see them free of those limiting beliefs.

We can always find ways to be resourceful and fund our dreams.

So, the only reason a client will not purchase is if we fail to help them find clarity and show how our program or services help them achieve their vision and their desired reality.

So, let's dig into objections.

I have been helping people enroll in programs and been serving them for over 10 years.  I love helping my clients and have changed hundreds of lives, but the ones that haunt me are the ones who's lies I believed, who I did not make confront their weakness, and who I did not ask the deep questions that got them to step into their dreams.

That is why I work hard every day to train and improve my sales calls and why I want to take the time to share this with you right now:

This is what’s REALLY happening when you get objections on sales calls…

Some of you may have already taken enrollment calls but for others this will serve you well in your future sales conversations:

You’re on an enrollment call.

Everything’s great for the first 45 minutes.

Then, they say:

“This all sounds amazing...and I’m definitely going to work with you someday...I just don’t have the money right now.”

And you freeze.

How should you respond?

What are you supposed to say??

How can you persuade them that their objection is just a myth???

^that last question is the key

Because their objection (“I don’t have money”) ISN’T a myth.

Not to them.

Their objection is their reality.

And, even deeper, their objection is the exact REASON they haven’t reached their goal yet.

→ When you hear money objections, it’s from prospects who haven’t embodied the principles of value, and investment, and abundance yet (thus: they have no money to reach their goals).

→ When you hear time objections, it’s from prospects who haven’t mastered their priorities, their discipline, and their boundaries yet (thus: they have no time to reach their goals).

→ When you hear "I need to think about it" objections, it’s from prospects who haven’t taken responsibility and ownership of their own thoughts, actions, and reactions yet (thus: they have no personal power to reach their goals).

Their objection is the reason they CAN’T join…

...but it’s also the reason they MUST.

Because it’s time to for them to break their default pattern and choose a new mode of operation.

(And if they don’t, nothing will change—ever.)

So, you don’t need to craft the perfect rebuttal or become a master of persuasion.

You just need to help them connect the dots…

...so they can recognize their default pattern for what it is and step into their higher calling, with your guidance.

At this pivotal point in the conversation, get them to say yes to their dreams.

Show them how each step in your program helps them reach their goals.

If they need to talk to their spouse, ask them how that has worked out for them in the past.

Ask them how much they invest in their spouse's trainings, programs, hobbies or interests.

Usually, they can't see how much they spend on others and how little they spend on themselves.

When you help them see that they can't keep doing the same things over and over expecting different results, they realize if they keep doing that, it's the definition of insanity.

Nobody wants to live that way!  They want to take action and change.

So, help them right there on the call or during the enrollment conversation find the money.

Do they have someone they can ask?  Do they have a credit card the can use?  Do they have a 401K they can use and invest in themselves now?  Do they have a personal loan they can take?  Is there a scholarship they can use?

If you help your client see their dream clearly and position yourself and your product or program as the guide and way to get there, they will enroll every time.

Because it's really not about the money.  People find ways to fund what they want every day.

It's about asking them the real questions that help them see the pain and cost of inaction.

It's about helping them see the bigger vision for their life and having a clear path and plan to get there.

It's about caring enough for these precious human beings to help them break free and break out of their limiting beliefs long enough to take action and step up to a bigger game and a bigger version of themselves.

Because nothing changes if we don't actually change.

When we step up for our clients and ask the hard and deep questions, they will step up and into their vision.

Get them saying yes, handle each objection by letting them come up with solutions and they will see you as their guide to help and work with you.

You will both feel great about the conversation and you will help them take the steps to achieving their dream life.

So, your action steps for today are:

  1. Make a list of your limiting beliefs and find solutions for them so that you will be prepared when your clients bring up that they have no time, no money, or no way to make it happen.
  1. Role play handling some objections with a spouse, a friend, or someone you would like to have in your program.

These action steps will serve you well in the future and allow you to help more people.  Great job!

In the next lesson, we will be teaching you the specifics of how to get paid so you can take payments quickly and fill up your bank account.  You're putting everything together!  Keep going!

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