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Effortless Enrollments Module

Lesson # 6.3 - Creating Interest With Ease

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Lesson # 6.3 - Creating Interest With Ease | Click To Read More . . .

Hi, I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories To Success System.  You know how sometimes you meet a new person and sometimes it's kind of awkward?  You can just tell they're thinking,  What are you trying to sell me?  How am I going to get ripped off today?  I'm on guard and you're not going to fool me. 


We'll after this lesson, you'll never have to suffer through that again!  We're about to become masters of rapport, chameleons of conversation and charismatic consultants as we learn the subtle secrets to masterful communication.


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Starting a conversation with a perfect stranger used to make me feel like trying to hold a cold, dead fish.  It felt slimy, kind of awkward and just the thought of it was enough to get me trying to sneak away. 


The problem is, no matter what kind of business we are building, the end result is we have to exchange with other people to make a difference in the world and to make money.  


So instead of letting conversations with new folks turn my stomach, I had to find a better way. 


Back in 2005 I decided to improve my communications and enrolled in Bennett Stellar University.  What I learned there made me a MASTER in communication and COMPLETELY ELIMINATED my "Cold Dead Fish" conversations.  That's exactly what we are going to learn in this lesson.


The first thing we need to think about is how humans communicate.  Did you know that 87% of communication has NOTHING to do with words?  Body language and Tone of Voice make up 87% of our communication and the remaining 13% is made up of words.


How can THAT be? (yelling)


How can that BE? (questioning)


HOW can that be? (dreading)


The exact same 4 words with 3 completely different meanings, right? 


So now that we know this, how can we use it to help in our enrollments.  Well the biggest thing to be aware of is OUR mental state before we ever attempt to make contact with another person.


If we try to start up a conversation with an idea client and deep inside we are feeling like we'd rather be somewhere else, our client will sense this automatically and the conversation may already be lost.


So before we start moving our mouth, it's best to check in with our mind and make sure we are focused on being our best selves.  I often tell myself, "Be Your Best Self Now" and "Here's My Chance To Make A Difference" before I open my mouth.  It's quick and gets me in the correct mindset to serve at my highest level.


The next thing to do is make sure we are building rapport with our client before we even start to speak.  What is rapport?  Rapport is a feeling of liking or affinity between two people. 


If we are talking with someone in person rapport can be built by mirroring their body position.  (don't copycat too obviously) but if they are standing with their weight on their left leg and hands on their hips, we would match that.  Sometimes, if you're matching good enough and paying attention, you can actually see the person look at the way you're standing.  They won't even know they looked!


Also, try to match their mood as much as possible.  If they are sad, be somewhat sad, if they are happy, be happy.  If you match their emotional state, they will feel more at ease and open to conversation.


I can promise you this though, if you are talking to an angry person and you come in all happy and bubbly, you shouldn't expect it to go well.  They'll just get more angry to show you how you missed the way they are feeling.


So how do we do this on the phone?  It becomes even more important to really LISTEN to our clients.  Since we can't actually see them we can start off a conversation by building OUR vision of where they are and what they are doing.


Questions like, How are you today? Where are you calling from?  What's the weather like?  seem like idle conversation, but in fact can be used to build a picture in our minds of what the client is experiencing right at that moment. 


Once I can see an image of my client in my mind, I can then match that tone of voice, feeling and environment as much as possible to build that rapport.


If the client says it's raining, talk about the last time you had rain.  Make sense?  You want to match your conversation to THEIR current experience.  They don't care if it's sunny and warm where you are if they are calling from winter in CANADA, right? 


They really want you to be able to relate to THEIR situation and a great enrollment coach matches the client.


Opening the conversation and building that rapport should only take 1 to 5 minutes.  The better we get at observing and listening, the faster we go and the more comfortable our clients will be.  And comfortable clients make for EASIER Enrollments!


Once rapport is built, our client will be comfortable answering a little deeper questions and feel a little more free in allowing themselves to dream. 


It's pretty easy to tell when we've connected with a client.  Their mood usually improves a bit, they agree with things we say and they start to open up a little more. 


Moving ahead in the conversation without building rapport first is like trying to drive through a minefield.  Making the conscious effort to build rapport will improve your enrollment, improve your relationships and even improve your luck.  You'll be amazed at how this one small change can smooth out the bumps in life.


Whether this is a first conversation with the client or you're starting an actual enrollment call.  Spend a few minutes to observe and match.  It makes all the difference.


Your action steps for this lesson are:


#1  Practice rapport building in every conversation you have today.  At home, at work, and at rest.  Write down your observations of yourself and the person you are communicating with.


#2  Watch a movie, or read a book and practice building rapport with each of the characters.  This is a great way to practice I use regularly to keep myself in top form. 


Once you realize the power of this lesson, you're ready to take on an actual enrollment call.  I bet you'd like to know exactly what that entails and how to get results, right? 


Well you're in luck because our next lesson is all about the depth of the enrollment conversation.  By the time you're done, you'll be ready to start enrolling clients in their own visions and they'll be clamoring to buy your products.


Until then remember, matching our clients makes conversations easy. Easy conversations equal effortless enrollments.  Keep up the great work and we'll see you in the next lesson.

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