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Brilliant Branding Module

Lesson # 4.6 - Converting To Cash

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Lesson 4.6 - Converting To Cash | Click To Read More . . .

Hi, I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories To Success System.  Now that we have our brand in place and it's BUILT based on our true value, FOR our Ideal Clients so WE can continue to live our purpose every day, it's time to start exchanging value with those ideal clients. 


In other words, the rest of the Stories To Success System is all about how to get all this hard work to pay off.    I hope you've thoroughly completed all the lessons up to this point, because from here on out, our whole focus is on delivering our value to the world.


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So, we have our purpose, we know our ideal client inside and out, we can connect with our clients using the power of our story and now we can even capture those clients with our brand so we can continue to build our relationships with them.


We are so proud of you for working through the steps to this point.  You are truly building a business for the long haul that will make a difference in many, many lives. 


Now that we are building an audience of ideal clients and collecting them with our Facebook groups and on our pages, it's time to focus on helping our clients to get results.  I mean, that's really what building our business is all about right?  If we help our ideal clients to get results, our business will spread and we will continue be able to live in our purpose and expand our influence.


In all the years of running successful businesses, we've noticed two key principles that are critical to focus on when it comes to converting all this attention into cash.  The first is, people buy based on consumption of content.  What we mean by this is, the more time your ideal clients spend consuming your content, the more they grow to know and trust you and the easier it is for them to take action. 


Think of it this way.  If you were to go out on a first date with someone, you probably wouldn't expect them to propose marriage and seal the deal at the courthouse that same evening, right?  Well, our Ideal Clients aren't expecting to have to make a huge decision right off the bat, either. 


Instead it's our job to warm them up to the point where they are as excited about exchanging value with us as we are with them.


The second key principle we've noticed is that Buyers BUY!   It doesn't matter what they buy or how much they spend, if someone shows they are willing to pay for information, we know we have a good chance of being able to exchange value with them.  The opposite holds true, too.  If the person has such scarcity mindset that they just won't buy anything but necessities, it will be difficult to impossible to get them to convert.


So as we move forward.  We want to keep these two principles in mind.  The first is easy to take care of.  Your new brand combined with your social media and email system makes it easy to give your clients free content they can consume. 


The idea is, we want to be posting or emailing our BEST content to our clients as often as they can stand it.  Once a week is enough and 4 times a week is about the limit of what we expect our clients to consume. 


Now I personally really struggled with this step.  You mean I have to give away my BEST content?  How will I ever make any money?  We'll here's the thing.  People usually don't really listen, and even more often, they don't and can't comprehend things in one small video.  There's just too much information to cover.


Instead, my mindset is based on something I learned while I was a professional fishing guide on Roosevelt Lake in Arizona.  I'd take clients out on an 8 hour fishing trip.  Of course, the idea was for them to catch fish on that day, but what I loved most was teaching them the ins and outs of fishing.  How could I be a guide and give away all my best secrets?  Wouldn't that put me out of business? 


Actually it was quite the opposite.  Because I was GIVING them so much value on the trip, they returned trip after trip, often booking their next trip right away.  You see they didn't want to dedicate their lives to fishing like I had, they just wanted to get the most value for the time they spent.  Once they realized I could be trusted to help them learn more secrets, they were clients for life.


As they returned to me, year after year, I simply taught them what was new in the fishing world and went deeper and deeper into each technique.  Because I had built trust, I had loyal clients that were anxious to buy anything I offered.


So as we build our business, we want to create written, video or audio content that serves our clients on the highest level and GIVE it away with our email and social media.  Keep these pieces short, with a single focus point and give actionable content.


For example.  I wrote a quick little pdf book some of you may have read called The Road Map To MORE Time, Money, Love and Freedom.  It's a .pdf file that I wrote up one afternoon and paid somebody at fiverr.com 20 bucks to throw together a nice layout and cover.   


Once I create that piece of content, I HAVE it to give away for the rest of my life.  That little free book has made me 10's of thousands of dollars so far.  All for 1 day's work. 


In the book I cover the reasons people struggle, how to identify them and lead my readers to my other programs as the tools that help them get out of the trap.


It's simply a way to give my ideal clients a good idea of who we are, how we think and how we can help them.


In all honesty though, we don't just GIVE this book away.  We ALWAYS EXCHANGE value.  We exchange our book for an Ideal Client's email address and permission to keep a communication line open with them. 


Collecting someone's email address or getting them to join your social media group IS GETTING PAID!  It's an exchange.  They have to make a decision whether or not they are willing to risk getting spam, junk mail, or even identity theft.  It's a bigger decision than most of us give it credit for. 


So let's start looking at that exchange as the most important first transaction of our relationship.  I treat each and every email address, each and every member of our group like they are made of gold, because developing that long term relationship is what allows them to continue to consume our content and BUY our products.


The overall idea here is to become the SOURCE that our Ideal Clients look to when they need to SOLVE a problem. 


Whatever free products you create, they should follow these guidelines:


  1. Make them short!  Something that can be consumed in a few minutes.


  1. Use writing, video or audio recordings.  (Video is the easiest media to consume for most people and allows them to connect with YOUR face and YOUR brand so we like video best and have seen the best results.  Video shot on your phone is plenty good for free content.


  1. Promote, Promote, Promote.  Get that free content out there as often as humanly possible.  The number 1 way to be more successful is to get your name out there.  You can have the best products in the world but many, many people have to know about them for you to really become successful.


In promoting your free products and exchanging for your ideal clients contact information you will be building a tribe of loyal, raving fans who are excited to see what you offer next. 


Now don't get caught up in all the shiny objects out there.  There are a million different email systems, social platforms, tips and techniques.  KEEP IT SIMPLE.  You've already got a list in OneNote of the Ideal Clients you've collected face to face.  Just continue that list for now.  Make REAL connections with REAL individuals and you'll get REAL results.


Technology can be helpful later once you're making good money and are able to afford to hire people to manage it for you, but even if your purpose is to be tech support for small businesses, it's tough to support your own technology AND still be able to focus on your purpose of helping others.  So keep it simple for now and hire the best help as you move forward. 


If you're interested in how we grow and scale our business with the best tech and the best people, our yearlong I Am Made For MORE program is the place to get the answers you need.  You'll hear more about that in module #7.


Ok so you're action steps for this lesson are:


#1 Download the Content Creation worksheet and use it to create your first piece of free content.  Bonus points if you do this step 3 times and create written, audio and video content.  Remember, you'll have it to use forever so it's worth putting in a little time now.


#2  Send out your free content to your exiting list of ideal clients.  Simply tell them you were thinking about them and wanted to share something powerful with them.


#3  Post your new content on your social media and invite people to contact you to receive more information.  It's your choice how they contact you.  Private message, email, phone whatever you are comfortable with.  Remember, this is about real connection so we want quality over quantity here.


Speaking of quality!  You've done an amazing job completing the Brilliant Branding Module.  Congratulations!  You are well on your way to creating a tribe of Ideal Clients who are perfectly suited to you.  You're building this business right and you're building it to be sustainable so keep up the amazing work.  Your Ideal Clients will thank you for it, too!


Without Ideal Clients, no product stands a chance, but without great products, your Ideal Clients don't stand a chance either.  So the next module will show you how to create Perfected Products your clients will love buying and you will love selling.


So get out there and make a difference in the world with your free content.  What an amazing opportunity we have to help so many people!  Keep creating your success and we'll see you in the next lesson! 

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