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Brilliant Branding Module

Lesson # 4.5 - You're The Bait!

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Lesson 4.5 - You're The Bait | Click To Read More . . .

Hi!  I'm Trina Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories to Success System. 


In this lesson,  we will teach you how you can use your brand to capture clients.  This is really going to be helpful for you to capture the attention of those people that like you and help you understand how you can market to them for free.  This is something you're going to be able to apply right away so let's go ahead and get started.


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Okay, so let's just jump in here with a fun story.  Have you ever been fishing?  I love to go fishing with my family and something I've noticed over the years is, I can try many different baits, but by using specific ones, I attract the kind of fish I want to catch.  My favorite bait to use is a white plastic fluke to catch big bass. 


Now, if I tried to catch them using a salmon egg, I can try all day long, but I'm probably not going to catch the type of fish I want.  Also, If I cast on the bank, even with their favorite bait, I won't even have a chance to catch them.


Now, I want you to picture yourself as being the bait for your ideal client.  YOU are already perfect for the people who WANT to work with you.   So, by sharing your story, things you know that you are competent and confident in, and that you are excited about, you are going to naturally attract your ideal client because they will want what YOU have to offer because they want YOU.


Think of the fishing story again.  I can use lots of lures to catch bass, but if I don't make the effort to cast in the water where they are,  I won't even have a chance to catch anything.


Now, today there are so many opportunities to connect with people and we want to share with you two specific ways to get your ideal clients to come to you.   Yes, YOU are the bait and it's definitely more fun when potential clients are drawn to you because they like you, then, you can share anything you want that you have to offer because they like you so they want things that come from YOU!  Make sense?


We want you to think about how you want to connect with people and start building your online presence through either YouTube,  Facebook,  Instagram or Linked in, wherever whichever is your preference.


Facebook is a great place to start and in addition to your personal page, in your action steps today, you're going to actually start your Facebook Business page to start building history and growing your audience organically. 


Add some pictures from your phone that reflect your personal brand and the images you want to tell the world a little more about you,  your interests,  your hobbies,  and your purpose. 


Once a day, start sharing inspirational quotes, lifestyle posts so people can see your passions for your family and work, and share content that helps people.


Now, starting a Facebook Group for a specific thing you love and inviting others to join is another great free way to build and grow your audience.  


I started one called How To Raise Readers because I love teaching reading and I serve families teaching early reading strategies on a weekly basis. 


I have another health and wellness group I lead as well as our 50 Days of Success Challenge Group and we have our paid program groups. 


You can make your groups open to the public or private and you get to control the content directly shared in those groups.  By inviting friends and sharing it with others,  you can grow a community of like minded people with similar interests and provide free content and information. 


Serve them, develop your community, then when you have books,  products,  events or programs,  this community of people are excited to share and join you because you've already built credibility and trust with them and they want more because they already like YOU!


Another way to build your tribe using your personal brand:  YOU, is to collect emails from any contacts you make and any events you have.   We have done this by having a travel blog.  When we meet people who are excited about our story and family and want to follow our fifty state tour,  we add them to our email list in OneNote on our phones. 


Once they are on our email list, this is a great way we can develop our relationship with them,  share our journey,  products, programs and events, all without any extra advertising required.


Again serve them,  provide great content and because they love you, they are going to get excited to be a part of whatever you are doing.


So, your action steps for today are:


  1. Go through your personal Facebook page and clean up any posts or pictures that don't reflect the version of YOU, you want to put out there.


  1. If you don't have one yet, start a Facebook business page.  This will be your name and will reflect your brand.   Pick the category that best represents YOU and only post things that will reflect you, your business,  and serve your community on this page.   This is a great way to build your community and serve with a purpose.   This will also come in handy later when you decide to expand online.


  1. Start a Facebook group with something you are excited about and confident in and start inviting people and start sharing great content.  Facebook groups are great places to share content and eventually, enroll people into your program or service.


In the next lesson we're going to teach you how to go from growing your tribe of people who love you, to start converting your ideas into cash.  It's really fun to start getting paid for doing what you love with people who love you so look forward to that!


You're doing a great job!  We love that you are a part of our community and that you're helping others by sharing your story and through this work.


Keep going and we look forward to seeing you in the next lesson. 

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