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Brilliant Branding Module

Lesson # 4.4 - You Version 2.0

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Lesson 4.4 - You Version 2.0 | Click To Read More . . .

Hi I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories To Success System. In the last lesson, we started getting comfortable with making ourselves the face of our business.  In this lesson, we are going to learn how to CREATE and CRAFT our image going forward so our clients see our brand in the light WE want them to see it in.  Get ready for a better of version of you, it's YOU Version 2.0.

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Have you ever wished you could BE someone else?  Maybe that the mistakes you've made, decisions you regret, or opportunities you've messed us could just magically turn into wild successes that you could be proud of?

I know I felt like that.  See I've always been the biggest guy in almost any group I've been in.  While being a man mountain does have a lot of advantages now, it wasn't always so.  When I was younger, I was constantly teased for being too fat, too tall, too slow and too uncoordinated and that was just my family, not to mention the kids at school and how cruel they could be.

So for a big portion of my life, I believed in that identity.  I even described myself as the big fat guy. 

It felt HORRIBLE.  I began to despise myself and keep myself away situations where others might have a chance to run me down.

About the time I turned 30, my studies of marriages and relationships were really picking up steam.  While researching material for one of my clients problems, I stumbled on one of my favorite books and one of the few I recommend that was written by a psychologist. 

In the book "Love Yourself: The First Step to a Successful Relationship" by Daniel Beaver, I learned to see the amazing advantages my body gave me.  The strength, power, command of a room.  The way I stood out as an individual was AMAZING! It turns out, it was only because I let myself believe those awful things other said about me that I suffered.

So I decided to make a change.  I decided from that moment on, I would only believe, acknowledge and discuss the ADVANTAGES of me and turn any disadvantages I may have into advantages by focusing on the way I overcame them. 

So what does that mean for our brand?  As we build our brand based on US, we carefully create and control the way we show ourselves to the world.  This does NOT mean we only show the good stuff or hide our faults. 

Instead we consciously and intentionally focus on the POSITIVE aspects of ALL our unique experiences in our lives.  Often this forces us to look deeply into our life experiences and find the blessings much like we learned to do in the Story Module. 

The difference here is, EVERYTHING we publish in writing, video, audio or on stage is brought forth with our purpose in mind.  Our stories, travels, sufferings and failures are all used to help our clients learn from our experiences be they successes or failures.

To do this successfully, we had to CREATE an image for ourselves.  This image is not who we were, not who we are, but who we are BECOMING! Especially in the transitional time of building a business, our quest to brand ourselves can cause us to have to confront a lot of our past and present failures.  Unfortunately, that experience crushes many dreams before they even get off the ground.

But you have a HUGE advantage!  Throughout this program you are learning how to find the VALUE in everything that is YOU.  This is simply the next evolution in discovering the immense riches you have been given in the experiences you've gone through, are going through and will go through.

We created an exercise that we find very helpful in creating the FUTURE image of ourselves.  In the "Who Am I Becoming Worksheet" available below, you will see a series of questions we use to uncover our gold and fashion it into a shape we are proud of.

The questions are: 

#1  What happened to me, or what mistake did I make?     

#2  What lesson did I learn from it?

#3  How can I use that lesson to help others be successful when they face that same situation?

So for me, one example would be my addiction to pornography when I was in my 20's.

My worksheet looks like this.

#1  I was addicted to pornography and almost ruined my marriage by spending time staring at porn instead of honoring my wife.

#2  I learned I was using porn to escape a much deeper problem of not knowing my purpose in life and forcing myself to work in a job that wasn't in line with my purpose.

#3  I teach others who have addictions to see the deeper root of their problems and realize they are not bad people, just stuck in bad situations and the way to get unstuck is to find their purpose and develop their lives around living more into that purpose every day.

You can see how in these 3 easy questions I was able to take one of my most embarrassing problems and turn it into a powerful strength. 

In creating my image going forward, I simply use #3 to describe and frame my addiction so it works for me instead of against me.

I repeat the Who Am I Becoming Worksheet with each of my "problem" areas and use all the answers from #3 to then shape my image of myself for the future.  If you do this exercise well and consistently, you will soon BECOME your new image. 

Now I have to give you a big warning on this.  As soon as you experience the relief and excitement of creating the future version of you, the world will become very confused.  You see, you are changing from and identity to an individual and that's going to confuse some people for a little bit.  It's totally normal.

Now that you are creating YOU Version 2.0, you also have to withstand the confusion it will initially create in others. 

Believe me, when I went from football player slash cop to artist slash photographer to personal success coach, there were plenty of people who doubted I would ever be successful.  However I understood they would take some time to come around and I stood strong in my new vision. 

Sure enough, as I began to get results and stuck to my new version of myself they eventually came around and were able to see my vision too. 

So your action steps for this lesson are:

#1 Download and complete the "Who Am I Becoming Worksheet"  Make sure to look at your life and complete the worksheet for each and every area of your life you have struggled in.

#2  Open a new page in Microsoft OneNote and write out all the #3 answers you collect while completing the worksheet.

#3  Read these #3 answers over and over each and every day until you begin to see yourself as who you are BECOMING.  This may be the most powerful exercise you can do for yourself.  Use it often.

From now on, it's only who we are becoming that matters.  Our brand, products, communications will all be created and crafted from the position of who am I becoming. 

The massive win for our clients is by seeing you become a new version of yourself, they will be empowered to create a new version of themselves, too.

In the next lesson we will put all this hard work together and finalize your brand into something your clients can collect, own and share.  Then all we need is something to attract them and guess what?

YOU'RE THE BAIT!  Enjoy these great transformations and keep going.  You're doing great!  We'll see you in the next lesson.

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