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Brilliant Branding Module

Lesson # 4.3 - The Power Of YOU!

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Lesson 4.3 - The Power Of YOU! | Click To Read More . . .

Hi, I'm Trina Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories To Success System.  In this lesson, we are going to focus on The Power Of YOU.  You are an individual, not an identity.  We are going to teach you how to understand that you are not a sum of your past, you are a present time being.  


This lesson is going to focus on how your story releases you from your past and show you how you are now an individual moving forward.  Let's help YOU propel your life to the next level.


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Have you ever felt like something was holding you back?  Like you know you are made from more, but your past family experiences, finances, or your personal shortcoming and setbacks have been your crutches and your excuses for not moving forward.  Do you know that we have all felt that way at some point?  The bigger thought you might have deep down is:  But what if they don't like who I am?  How can I break through that barrier if it all comes down to me?


The difference between those who succeed and those who fail is figuring this out.  Everything in your life is valuable because they are YOUR UNIQUE stories and experiences.  Not everyone will have your same point of view or lessons from your life.  This is a tremendous value to others and truly the Power OF YOU!


You've met them.  People who walk through life stuck in the past.  They have constant health issues, nothing seems to go their way and they have missed out on the value of the things that have happened to them instead of rising as the hero and sharing their journey with others.


Usually they are the product of our least favorite question, "What are you going to be when you grow up?"  That question does more to undermine the power of the individual than almost anything else. 


You see, that question forces a person to become a product instead of a brand.  Now you can be bought, sold, traded for an hourly wage instead of valued for ALL the skills and experience you bring to the world. 


Instead of repeating those same mistakes expecting different results, we are going to do things differently.  We ask the question, "What value are you going to deliver to the world?"  This question automatically gets us thinking as an individual instead of an identity.


We are going to use and operate in the now, in present time, every day, drawing on the golden lessons from the past to teach others.


Let me give you an example.


I suffered with miserable migraines for years.  I was focused on the past, blaming myself for my son getting Type 1 Diabetes and feeling like a failure because I couldn't have any more kids.


It wasn't until I started sharing my stories of my miscarriages, actually did some real grief work to get the blessings out of my son getting diagnosed and taught my first empowering course for influential women that I realized by changing my situation, I was able to empower others. 


The women who paid me $2,000 each and enrolled in my 6 week coaching program had huge transformations and grew because I shared my POWER and MY STORIES.  I shared the what and how of my personal journey and they were able to apply it to their life.


When I took control of my situation and looked at my present blessings, my migraines went away.  When I saw that I was doing everything possible to give my son a healthy life and started sharing the books I read, my personal struggles and my perspective from present time moments, my black spots disappeared.


When I did the real work it took to stabilize my blood sugar by eating healthy proteins, fruits, and vegetables and got more rest, I was able to sleep better at night.  Not only did my migraines get less and less, my health improved, I made more, and I was a better parent and spouse because I had purpose in my life again.


I saw God's plan for my life and took my tragedies and turned them into treasures by sharing with others.


When we stop believing poverty stories and start seeing we can help more people, we make more money.  We have to start by making more of ourselves and be our own success stories, then others see us as being more valuable because we are contributing to their life, too.


We are such powerful beings and when we use that power for good, it is magnified in the world.  Because we have a mission to inspire and empower families, we have been able to get featured on TV, podcasts, blogs, and social media.  We have an abundant message of overcoming challenges and serving others so other people want to offer that value to their audience, too.


Your audience will be the same way and that's what I want you to take action to start building today.


So your action steps for today are:


  1. Take a step in getting the word out about your story by researching and making a list with contact information for some future blogs, TV, podcasts, social media, etc. that are potential outlets for you.  That way, when you have your product ready to share with a way for your future fans to reach you, you'll be ready.


  1. Make a list of some limiting beliefs you have and take a present time action to move yourself forward from a place of power today.  Ex:  I don't think I can make $2,000 a month.  Plan:  I can make $2,000 in a day when I create my first program and enroll my first client.  Ex:  I can't lose 10 pounds.  Plan:  I can lose 10 pounds this month when I eat one protein, one slow carb and one fast carb per meal and walk 4 days a week.


As you take these steps, you will feel empowered because you are taking action today and changing your future path.  You get to create your life, so make it reflect what you actually want to happen!  You are so powerful and as you use it for good, your efforts will be magnified and people will want to help you get your message out.


In the next lesson, you are actually going to be building your brand, based on YOU! 


You actually get to CREATE yourself and BE who you want to BE!  It's time to be YOUR best brand.  You're going to have a lot of fun with this so bring your best self to the table and let's make a bigger impact in the world.


See you in the next lesson.

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