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Brilliant Branding Module

Lesson # 4.2 - Predicting Your Best Brand Name

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Lesson 4.2 - Predicting Your Best Brand Name | Click To Read More . . .

Hi, I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to the next lesson in the Stories To Success System.   In this lesson my mystical powers of prediction will take center stage as I predict the perfect brand for your business that fixes all the problems and pitfalls of branding with one powerful all-encompassing swoop.  Get ready to witness a miracle as we custom design your brilliant brand.


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Before we get into the magic that will be your everlasting brand, let's take a quick visit to talk about the structure of the business you are building. 


There are LOTS of ways to structure a business, but we have found most of them to be lacking in long term vision.  You see, most people have an idea for a business first, then try to fit themselves in around that vision. 


As we learned in the purpose module, that's a recipe for failure and will not use our gifts and talents very effectively.  Instead, we've put in a lot of hard work learning what OUR purpose is and so we need a different structure to make sure our business stays in line with our purpose for the long haul.


So here's the way WE think about building a business.  First we create a top level organization.  If you remember back to the Planning and Overview module in Lesson #0.2 Setting Up For Success, we talked about finding your attorney and setting up your business as an LLC or the corporate structure that works for you.  Again, not an attorney, but LLC worked best for us so I'll refer to that as we go along. 


Our LLC is the HIGHEST level of our organization.  It encompasses ALL our products, marketing, divisions, employees . . . you get the idea.  


Once we have that Top Level organization in place, then we can design a multitude of different products and divisions BELOW that level.  Any one of these products can be sold off at a later date without damaging the overall organization.


This gives us ultimate flexibility to sell off parts of our company for profit without losing our raving fans we've spent so much time and effort earning.  I don't know about you, but once we have a client, they're our client for LIFE! We treat each one like they are made of gold and we won't trade them away for ANYTHING!


It also gives us the ultimate advantage in launching NEW products because we already have a raving fan base who loves us so they are excited to see what we launch next. 


So, looking at your business now, as we move forward we want to build with that structure in mind.




Ready for the magic?


Your perfect brand name is . . .




That's right, YOU!


If you think about it, your name, face, personality, way of dressing, and more all make you unique and are perfectly suited to attracting your 3% and repelling the other 97%.  Plus as you go forward, your clients will be interacting with you on a personal level and the "star power" you will bring as the face of your business will ensure happy customers who are aligned with you AND your products.


For Trina and I and even our children and their families someday, our brand is GUNZEL FAMILY BRANDS.  There's no mistaking us and we can easily encompass ALL our purposes under that brand name.  After nearly 15 years of trying out different business names, this is the ONLY one that works and stands the test of time. 


But what if you've already set up your LLC or other corporate structure under a different name.  NO PROBLEM!  Actually, our LLC is called BEST EDUCATORS, LLC but almost no one knows that about us.  The only time you'd see that is on our tax forms or other OFFICIAL documents. 


Our brand, our face, is Gunzel Family Brands.  So how did we do it?  We kept Best Educators, LLC as our main company and filed a DBA, or "Doing Business As" form with our state government.  (your attorney can do this for you, too)  So, officially we are Best Educators, LLC dba Gunzel Family Brands.


If we had it to do over, we'd just be Gunzel Family Brands, LLC because that's what our clients see and identify with. 


So from there, WE become the face of our business and WE are who our customers identify with, and WE get to keep all our customer's attention no matter how many different products we sell.


Many business owners get branding and products mixed up.  It can be a fatal mistake.  But as we've learned through all the effort you've already put into the Stories To Success system, YOUR CUSTOMERS CONNECT WITH YOU!  Let's capitalize on that now.


If you look at Gunzel Family Brands, we have many, many products.  The 50 Days Of Success Challenge, the 50 States of Success Mindset Training, The Stories To Success System, The I Am Made For More Year Long Mastermind, The Marriage Solution For Spouses of Entrepreneurs and so many more.  We have books, courses, live coaching packages and even complete on-line business building and marketing, Done For You Solutions.


If we had picked any one of those as our brand, we'd have been stuck as soon as we were ready to launch our second idea and would have had to build ANOTHER whole audience of ideal clients. 


Instead, we had already attracted our ideal clients and because we know them and they know us, we can design our products to fit them perfectly and it looks and feels like we've designed each product specifically to fill their needs.  (Because we HAVE!)


If someday we want to sell off one of our products for any reason, another company can purchase that product, but WE keep all our clients and their attention at Gunzel Family Brands.  It's the ultimate solution to long term success.


So, you're action steps for this lesson are:


#1  Pick YOUR brand name and set it in stone.  If you need help, download the Personal Branding Structure Worksheet for some ideas.


#2 Review your brand name and make SURE it has YOUR NAME in it!


#3 It's time to contact your attorney and get the process going to legally set up your business.  The sooner you get this done, the sooner it's out of the way and the more confident you'll feel moving forward.


 Now, if you're like we were when we first came up with this idea, you might be feeling, "but what if they don't like me?" or "I hate my name."


Believe me, I completely understand.  I was teased an ridiculed my whole childhood after the kids in school figured out that Jon wasn't just my name, it was also the name for the bathroom.  For years I was the kid everyone ran away from because I had "Jon G germs."


But you know what I didn't realize at the time?  EVERYBODY knew my name! Because I didn't know how to control it, they used my name for bad, but NOW, we know exactly how to craft ourselves and CONTROL how our clients view us. 


Now, when someone knows my name it's because we've helped them RADICALLY change their lives.  And that they respect and never forget. 


In the next lesson, we'll go deeper into how and why YOU as an individual are way more important than any identity the world tries to put on you.


Until then, hold your head a little higher, say your name with a little more authority and believe in the Power of YOU!  Keep up the great work and we'll see you in the next lesson.

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