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Brilliant Branding Module

Lesson # 4.1 - Why Do I NEED A Brand?

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Lesson 4.1 - Why Do I NEED A Brand? | Click To Read More . . .

Hi, I'm Jon Gunzel and welcome to the first lesson in the Stories To Success Brilliant Branding Module.  If you've ever wondered what your brand should be, how it helps you or why you even need a brand for your business, we're going to cover that and so much more.  Get ready for some fun because by the time we're done, your clients will never forget you again.


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We've accomplished so much together this far in the Stories To Success System!  We've learned how to get unstuck, found our purpose, discovered our ideal client and learned how to use our story to connect with them.  I think you can see how we are putting together all the components to build a wildly successful business based on the critical fundamentals most people miss.


Now that we've learned to turn our Ideal Clients into raving fans, the last thing we want is for them to forget about us or stop at, "You've got my attention."  We need a method to lock our image in their heads and keep ourselves at the top of their minds.  Remember, what we learned in the last lesson of the Story module,  money follows the laws of attention. 


So we want to keep their attention on us and keep the lines of communication open.  I think we can all agree it's great to be able to help a client by selling a single product to them, but where the real difference is made is being able to help that client solve problem after problem so they can continue to level up. 


When we are able to help clients over and over again, they want to share their success and we need to have a way for them to do that.  Our BRAND is what allows this communication to happen again and again.  It makes us tangible so our clients can share our information as easy as passing a business card or sharing our name. 


So in this module, we're going to cover how to predict your very best brand name right from the start,   how to custom create your brand in a way that ensures your 3% loves it and 97% are repelled,  the perfect BAIT to use to attract even more Ideal Clients on automatic pilot, and finally, how to convert all this attention to cash with an exchange in abundance with our Ideal Clients. 


So let's take a minute and understand why building a brand in this method is so important and exactly what it will look like. 


Can we all agree at this point that money is just the result of exchanging value with our clients?  For example, if I own a laundromat and you need to do laundry, we will exchange your dollars for the use of my machines. 


The more times we exchange value with our clients, the more people we have helped and the more money we collect.  So when you hear me talk about money, please know our focus is on helping our clients first and the dollars only represent our exchanging that value with our clients. 


That being said, our brand is what makes US a physical product our client can interact with.  It gives them a central point of focus that represents us and is easy to remember.  We don't want to be a passing idea or just another face in the crowd or we'll capture NO attention and NO money. 


Instead we want to stick out like a sore thumb.  We want to capture the attention of our clients and be remembered as the solution to the problem they face.  When we solve a problem for our clients, that's our VALUE and they will exchange their money for it. 


So the critical components of the brand we are going to build are:


#1  Choose a unique image that our clients can identify with so we can't ever be confused with someone else.


#2  Create a way for our clients to "have" and share our business.  Something they can collect and own.


#3  Open a direct line of communication with our clients that lets us get their attention any time we want and lets them connect with us when they need us.


Finally, #4 create a way to build our value in our clients eyes to the point where taking action to exchange with us becomes a necessary, pro-survival activity for them.


If that sounds a little overwhelming, rest assured.  We are going to break it down, step-by-step over the remaining lessons in this module.  It's so easy, when you see how to do it right.


Follow the steps and you will be able to create an abundance of loyal followers who are excited to know you and fired up to have you be the solution to their problem. 


One final point.  As we learned in the Story Module, being honest with who we are is CRITICAL in creating long term relationships with our clients.  We want to live a congruent, integrated life where what we do and say is always a reflection of who we are.


So keep that in mind as we build this brand together.  Nothing fake, nothing hidden.  We want people to fall in love with the real us, not some version we throw together for the internet. 


Remember, our life happens FOR us, not TO us so this is our opportunity to use those blessings to help others find their blessings, too.


Your action step for this module is to search your mind over and over again, testing different possible brands, trying to guess what will make you stand out and be unique while not being cliché' or picking something that doesn't resonate. 


Oh, and make sure it will stand the test of time and be flexible enough to cover all your ideas for the rest of your life.  It should allow you the ability to cover all your products and move from business to business without losing any customers.  It should also encompass everything you stand for, now and in the future. 




You could save yourself all that time and headache and just go on to lesson #2 because I've already predicted the one single PERFECT brand for you even down to the name and face of your business.  How did I do it? You'll have to watch the next lesson to find out. 


The good news is, once you see it, it will become the most obvious and exciting choice you could ever make.


So, keep up the amazing work and get ready to get branded.  See you in the next lesson.

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