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Congratulations, your Road Map will be in your inbox shortlyBecause we honor the way you took action to get what you want we have a special BONUS for you!

Get The #1 System to Help You Discover Your Purpose and Build YOUR Own Unique Business with the Stories To Success System!

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Congratulations on taking action!


You’ve taken the first step to achieving MORE in your life.


Your download link is in your email, but WAIT! We’ve got something special for you if you keep reading.


We are really inspired for you to download the Road Map To MORE and here's why. 


Have you ever had that feeling like “I’m made for MORE?”


But sometimes you just feel like you're not fully aligned with your purpose,


Like you're not fully engaged with your true values of what you want for your family,


Or of what you want for your career and at the end of the day,


Like you're not really fulfilling that destiny that you were placed on this earth to fulfill?


Trust me, I've been there!


I started out as a cop and then years later, I decided I wanted to become an entrepreneur and built a 6 figure photography studio from scratch. 


I was sitting back in my lazy chair one day and I realized that I was having success


But I was chasing opportunities that were meaningless to me.


And as I was on my way to my next idea for my next business,


I realized that I was sabotaging myself.


I realized, I was sacrificing the relationships in my life for success that was meaningless. 


And I realized the fact that I AM made for more, that I could HAVE more, that I could BE more, that I could actually go out and CREATE more in my life.


Everything began to change for me


Because it was at that moment, I looked up and I got this vision of my wife and my kids


Who are the most important people on the planet to me.


I realized that I had ruined my relationship with my wife. 


I made the excuse that I had fallen out of love with my wife, but the truth is . . .


I had addictive patterns and behaviors. 


I was screwed up on alcohol, porn, games . . . anything to escape.


Anything to get that false, feel good moment, when the truth is,


All I wanted was deep connection,


All I wanted was a meaningful purpose,


All I wanted was to achieve MORE in my life and I had all these patterns and destructive habits that were preventing me from having MORE, being MORE and showing up to be the man I always wanted to be.


And whether you’re a man or a woman, I think you'd agree that we're all made for more than that! 


So if you feel like you are ready to stop the destructive habits and build a life of PURPOSE, 

Just like you, I decided to change my life,


I made a decision and I went out and I started studying everything under the sun.


I read 300 books in one year;


I changed more in a year that most people change in 10 lifetimes.


I hired coaches and mentors. I studied with the best of the best.


I became a Master of Business, an Expert in the Mind and


I woke up to the realization one day


That to truly get everything I wanted in my life:


I had to discover my PURPOSE and build my life around THAT! 


Sure there are destructive habits that stop us from creating the life that we deserve,


That stop us from achieving our limitless potential,


That stop us from living on-purpose and being fully aligned with the things that we want in our life, 


But all of those patterns were caused because I really had no idea what I was supposed to be doing with my life.


I mean, isn't life supposed to be more than just bringing in a paycheck? 


Wasn't I made for more than just building someone else's dream?


As soon as I discovered my PURPOSE, all the experiences, skills and effort of my life began to fall into place!  


My wife, Trina, noticed my transformation as I finally grew into the man she always knew I could be.


She was soon following my lead and pursued training and Mastery of her own. Today she is a WORLD CLASS Personal Business Consultant and a true expert in her own right.


Soon, we discovered we really did make an amazing team and we decided it was time for us to teach what we know and and share this with the world.


Today, we travel around the world, we have this beautiful lifestyle where we home-school our kids, we travel to beautiful countries, and beautiful locations across all 50 States.


We have a beautiful family and I'm in love with my wife and together, we’re living our purpose in creating our future together because we're being who we were meant to be.


We were made for MORE and I know you are too.


So today, we'd like to pay it forward with this gift that we've received during our training over the last ten years and over 14,000 hours coaching clients just like you.


We’ve created a free coaching session for you, a “Stories To Success” coaching session where you’ll get to talk with one of us directly about how you can find your own purpose and build a family friendly business around it that fulfills you every day.


And there’s three things that are going to happen in this coaching session when you go ahead to book it.


#1, We’re going to talk with you about the number one destructive habit that prevents high achievers like you and me from truly reaching our full potential.


#2, We are going to help you identify self-sabotage and patterns that are preventing you from following your true purpose and your true calling.


#3, We will work with you to design a path and a plan  filled with practical strategies that allow you to be MORE, create MORE and ultimately, realize the limitless potential that you know you are destined to deliver to the world.


No more procrastination, No more escape, No more feeling like you're not achieving at the level that you deserve.


We love to help people who are SERIOUS about

 LEARNING MORE about how to:
 Read the Letter Below we wrote as our way of saying, "GREAT JOB!" for taking the first step to more Time, Money, Love and Freedom. 

Still Unsure?

Watch the First Lesson of The STORIES TO SUCCESS SYSTEM!


We believe in you!

We know you're made for more!

We know you're READY to turn your Story into a Success!

and we'll be talking with you soon!

Here's what people are saying about Jon and Trina Gunzel . . .


Brydon Brett

~ Author, "The Artist Disciple"

"Jon and Trina's training and teaching is at once insightful, nurturing, and result-centered. I find them to be two of the most broad-minded, capable and caring individuals I've ever met. With vast experience and an evident passion for helping people, you are guaranteed to benefit from Jon and Trina's innovative approach."


Alicia Sault

~ Portrait Designer, Artist, Author, - WithLittleSalt.com ~

“Trina is a kind and inspiring person! She helped me keep on task and motivated. I would not have been able to accomplish my success without her.  It has been a pleasure to work with her. She listens to my needs and gives great ideas and direction not only in my business but in life."

"In the year that she was my mentor I was able to: publish my first book,  promote my art & book with events & taught classes, able to have my art for sale in multiple mediums, able to show display my art in the north shore galleries of Hawaii, and have the opportunity for a TV series from my book!"

"THANK YOU Trina for your patience, kindness, and mentoring this past year! I completely recommend her for one on one mentoring and coaching." 


Lynn Murphy

~ Founder, Key Innovative Business Solutions ~

"I have known Trina and Jon for more than a decade. My husband and I have personally experienced, and benefited greatly, from their generous spirits and selfless dedication to helping others, their community and the world. Working with Jon and Trina is a priceless opportunity. "

How long do you want it to take?

The Road to MORE Time, Money, Love and Freedom can be long and complicated, but with the Free Road Map you just downloaded, you will be able to navigate it with fewer wrong turns and a more direct path. 


What's better than having a map? 


How about a personalized GPS that guides you to the MUST SEE highlights of the trip and gets you to your destination ON TIME.


You see, what makes a really wonderful journey is not just getting from point a to point b,


it's the learning, excitement and fun we have along the way that makes a journey memorable, powerful, and worthwhile.


Now imagine, instead of a GPS, you have a local guide.  Someone that has lived in the region and knows all the back roads, local favorites, and secret paths to make the most of your trip.


On the Road to MORE Time, Money Love and Freedom having a PERSONAL SUCCESS COACH is like having THE BEST local guides.


Instead of wandering around hoping to get to you destination, a coach ACCELERATES you through the web of information and makes sure you have the KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE to make the most out of your journey.   

Learn More About the Gunzel Family, Creators of 5 Global Brands


What type of person uses a Coach?


Well, let's think about it for a minute.


Where would your favorite sports team be with a whole staff of coaches?


Where would a CEO be without his trusted advisers?


Where would a Captain of a ship be without his First Officer?


In truth, only people who want to have MASSIVE SUCCESS use coaches.


People who know, it's tough to see your own mistakes.


People who want guidance from someone who has, "Been There and Done That" and knows what to look out for.


People who want MORE SUCCESS and LESS FAILURE along the way!


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